Why We’re In Love With Diane Keaton’s Approach To Skincare And Health

Jul 31, 2022
Why We’re In Love With Diane Keaton’s Approach To Skincare And Health


When you look at pictures of Diane Keaton, it may be hard to believe that the 76-year-old actress has never had plastic surgery. Many people may think she won the lottery with her genetics, but she has followed some strict lifestyle rules to keep her skin looking great for her age.

The skin cancer survivor has been committed to her health for many reasons, and she is a shining example that the way you look after your skin when you are young can help preserve your look as you age. We’ve rounded up 3 ways she has taken care of her skin that have helped her keep aging at bay.

She Is Committed To Wearing SPF Every Day

Everyone knows that the Sun is the main cause of aging, so it’s important to take extra steps to protect your complexion. Time spent in the sun when you’re younger can cause a lot of damage to your complexion, and as the years go by, you’ll notice this damage starts to rise to the surface.

Diane, unfortunately, had skin cancer when she was in her 20’s, so she has always been committed to wearing SPF every single day. Not only does it help keep signs of aging - like Dark spots - at bay, but it can help protect the health of your skin and prevent things like skin cancer, so don’t forget to wear your SPF - even in the winter!

Diane Keaton's secret to aging

Her Health Is A Top Priority

There are many reasons you may start noticing signs of aging popping up early, but a big reason is sometimes to do what’s happening inside your body. Your skin can often be a huge indicator of your overall health, so living a healthy lifestyle should be a top priority.

Diane keeps her health in check at all times. She makes sure to get in enough exercise each day and focuses on what she eats. Another big part of focusing on health is ensuring your skincare routine takes care of your skin's basic needs and helps keep your complexion clean and healthy. Needless to say, her dedication to her health is quite inspirational!

Diane Keaton's Skincare routine

She Believes In Aging Gracefully

There are many ways to age gracefully, but it’s easier said than done most of the time. You can spend all your money on expensive procedures and routines for your skin, but that won’t necessarily cut it. A lot about aging gracefully comes from within - as corny as it sounds!

Diane is an expert at aging gracefully because of her outlook on growing older. She takes pride in her appearance and takes care of her skin by committing to a daily routine that will help it stay healthy and protected, but she also appreciates the process of aging. She does her best to love her appearance and be proud of the signs of aging she has, instead of letting them make her feel insecure!

Diane Keaton skincare

A lot of Diane Keaton’s appeal comes from her natural grace, but after learning how dedicated she is to taking care of herself and her body, we love her even more! She sets a great example of what aging gracefully means - loving yourself and taking care of your health no matter what!