These Are The Most Common Reasons That Makeup Is Aging Your Skin

Sep 21, 2021
These Are The Most Common Reasons That Makeup Is Aging Your Skin

Nothing can make us feel more confident and glamorous than putting on our makeup and getting dolled up – but is it what’s behind the wrinkles and lines we see on our faces?

There’s always been speculation that makeup can age you faster, but we decided to go to the experts who agreed there is some risk. Here’s what we found out.

Removal Is Crucial

When speaking to skincare experts about the dangers of makeup, one thing they all agreed on is that your risk can be minimized by making sure to take your makeup off properly. Removing your makeup at the end of the day is essential to healthy skin because otherwise, your pores will get clogged and can lead to breakouts. Even worse, when makeup stays on your skin overnight it can trigger a response of accelerated aging from your skin and begin to produce more wrinkles than ever.

To remove makeup safely and fully, you need to look further than soap. While there are makeup removes you can buy, many of them are made of synthetic oils and can be dangerous to your health. Instead of scrubbing to try and remove makeup, use an oil-based cleanse that willa remove all kinds of makeup in one simple step. The oils work to lift and remove the makeup from your skin meaning you’ll spend less time tugging at the skin which leads to sagging.

Prime Your Skin

We hate adding steps to a routine but priming your skin prior to applying makeup can help you keep skin wrinkle-free and protected. When you apply makeup directly to your skin, it can clog your pores or become cakey in your wrinkles. This is because your skin is drying out because of makeup. To avoid this, you need to prime your skin with an appropriate moisturizer before applying your makeup.

Using your Repair & Release Cream before applying your face makeup will help deliver moisture, protect the skin, and seal up your pores. Your skin will be softer so that you can avoid makeup getting stuck in your wrinkles. Plus, when you prep your skin with peptides and moisturizers like shea butter, it will help plump wrinkles so your makeup looks better every single time!

Be Gentle

One of the worst things about applying makeup is that if you aren’t careful, your application can cause deeper wrinkles. If you’re applying concealer or eye shadow with a sponge or your finger, you need to make sure. touse a gentle hand. Tugging too hard at the skin while applying (or removing) makeup can cause sagging skin, deeper lines, and unwanted wrinkles.

If you are constantly aware of how delicate your skin is, then you’ll be able to avoid damage from your makeup application. Always make sure you apply your skincare routine with a gentle hand so that you get all the benefits without any side effects. And when applying your makeup, make sure you are gentle and take your time. Taking an extra minute to be careful will provide outstanding results in the long term and will keep damage from makeup at bay!