4 Simple Eye Serum Rules That Every Women Should Know (But Doesn’t)

Sep 27, 2021
4 Simple Eye Serum Rules That Every Women Should Know (But Doesn’t)

Whether you tap, dab or massage, we all have our own special way of applying our eye serum.

After all, it’s a crucial step in your everyday routine and this special area requires special care. But is there really a best way to apply or are we all just being a extra cautious for no reason?

The truth is, how you apply your products is just as important as what’s inside them. Dermatologist across the country all agree that when applying any product to the eye area, the key is to be gentle in your application.

Here are our top Do’s and Don’ts when applying your eye serum in your daily routine…

DO: Tap and/or massage

aaa Soft massage or patting of the area are both great. You can press the cream in, you can try light, sweeping strokes, or you can even put it on a cotton round and leave it on under your eyes for a couple of minutes. Leaving it on the cotton pad is a great eye mask hack and can produce similar results to those pricey eye gel patches you see celebs wearing!


DON’T: Pull at your skin

aaa This is universal for skincare…DON’T PULL AT YOUR SKIN! This will help avoid stretching of the skin which will actually cause more wrinkles and sagging in the long run. The skin under the eye is a different structure from the rest of the face; it’s more delicate, so if you’re really rubbing hard enough to feel your skin moving around when you rub your serum in, you’re probably doing it too hard.

DO: Let it sink in

aaa When you first apply your eye serum, you’ll notice it feels slightly wet right after application. Don’t rush into applying your eye makeup but instead, give your eye area about a minute or two to absorb before you put makeup on top of it. That way, your powder or concealer won’t cake up from the extra emollient base in the eye cream. This also allows the powerful nutrients and peptides to absorb into your dermal layers without being compromised by the ingredients in your makeup which can make it less effective.

DON’T: Use too much

aaa When it comes to your eye serum, less is more! If you pack on the product, it won’t make it more effective. It will, however, creep into your eyes and irritate them. For our South Beach Skin Lab Eye Lift Serum, we recommend just put a pea-sized dab on the top of your hand, and then use your ring finger to gently dot it on your brow bone and about a half inch underneath your eye.

With proper application and care…

The results from your eye serum can be eye popping…literally! Expect to see brighter pigment around the eye area with a decrease of dark circles, reduced sagging and puffiness, and watch those wrinkles and fine lines disappear from sight! The eyes are the window to the soul but that doesn’t mean your soul has to look older! Make sure to follow these easy do’s and don’ts above and be prepared for the compliments to come flying in!

As a final tip, make sure you are using a powerful Eye serum, that is packed full of peptides and moisturizing ingredients, to see the best results.

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