How To Build An Amazing Skin Care Program That Only Takes Minutes A Day

Sep 27, 2021
How To Build An Amazing Skin Care Program That Only Takes Minutes A Day

An effective skincare regimen is absolutely imperative if you want to look your best. It might seem impossible to fit it into your schedule. But there’s a way to keep your wallet happy and not spend more than a few minutes a day taking care of it.

Remember, your skin is constantly exposed to a variety of elements that can make it look dry, worn down, puffy, or wrinkly. And your body just can’t manage all of these different problems on its own. With the right “tools” your skin will look fresh and youthful all day long.

While there are quite literally millions of products out there, you only actually need a couple to target your specific needs. There are a few tweaks that have to be made between different skin types, but overall there’s a base from which everyone can benefit.

That base consists of four things: a cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer. Get those four things right, and you’re well on your way to a more youthful look!

Clean It Up

Your cleanser serves the vital function of eliminating leftover makeup, germs, and dirt that your skin picks up during the day. These contaminants can clog your pores, creating unsightly blackheads and blemishes.

The rest of your base products will work best on a “blank canvas.” That just means if you use a cleanser, everything else has an easier time cleaning dirt molecules. If you don’t, these molecules can prevent toners and serums from penetrating your skin the way they’re supposed to.

The best cleansers, like South Beach Skin Lab’s Olive Oil Cleanser contain organic ingredients that won’t irritate your skin. They’re also moisturizing, as many soaps actively dry out your skin and make it more susceptible to wrinkles.

Many women also use their cleansers sub-optimally. Remove the bulk of your excess makeup with warm water alone. Hot water dries out your skin and again your cleanser won’t be able to penetrate past the surface until most of the makeup is gone.

Once you find the right cleanser, you’ll typically apply a small amount to your face and spread it using a gentle circular motion for one minute. This ensures that the active ingredients have enough time to do their work. When finished, make sure to completely rinse everything off.

Watch Your Tone

claer skin Toner is best viewed as an extension of the cleansing process. It helps to remove any contaminants that your cleanser may have missed. On top of that, it gets rid of any excess cleanser that you failed to rinse off.

The best way to apply toner with on a cotton ball or gauze. Both ensure that you use only what you actually need. This helps to increase the life of your product. They also eliminate dead skin cells, preparing your skin to receive treatment serums.

A Serum A Day

aa Serums are often a catch-all term in the beauty section. There are eye serums, moisturizing serums, antioxidant serums, and nutritional supplement serums. Thankfully, you don’t actually need one of each to look your best.

Antioxidant serums are the most important because they provide a defense against the hazards your face is exposed to every day. That includes harmful UV radiation from the sun’s rays.

If you have baggy under-eye bags or swelling, applying an eye serum like the South Beach Skin Lab – Eye Lift Serum can also help remove them. When using more than one serum, make sure to apply the one with the thinnest consistency first and then build up to your thickest.

This allows them all to penetrate your skin. You should also wait at least 15 minutes between applying your toner and your first serum because the toner may not absorb properly otherwise.

Moisturize Or Bust

claer A good moisturizer like the South Beach Skin Lab – Repair and Release Cream can be your best ally when kicking your skin regimen up a notch. It can keep your face looking plush and healthy. It locks in needed nutrients your skin craves. Not to mention it’s one of the best ways to beat wrinkles early on.

This is why at South Beach Skin Lab we know you don’t need to spend a million bucks for skin that looks amazing. With these four product types in mind, you’ll be on the road to looking your best in no time.

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