These Easy Tricks Will Make Your Holiday Makeup Look Even Better!

Dec 12, 2021
These Easy Tricks Will Make Your Holiday Makeup Look Even Better!

When the twinkle lights and trees go up, it always makes the idea of getting glammed for the holidays extra exciting. If you're planning to dress up for the holidays, we want to make sure your makeup looks as flawless as you do!

Winter makeup can get tricky when applied to wrinkles or dry skin, but we've got you covered. Check out these simple tricks you can use to prep your makeup so that you look your absolute best this Christmas, New Year, and beyond!

Prep Your Skin

prime skin for makeup application

Winter is a terrible time for dry skin and it can have a big impact on how your makeup looks on your face. Most women will apply concealer, foundation, blush and even bronzer - so you need to make sure your skin in prepped and ready before applying your makeup.

The first step is to delivery hydration to your skin, so starting with a deeply hydrating face cream is always a good idea. When you apply your cream right before makeup, it will deliver anti-aging and skin smoothing ingredients while also priming skin for makeup. The result will be less cakey makeup and a smoother finish on your skin. It will make your makeup look more natural without having to change up your glam routine. 

Prime Your Eyes

eye makeup primer tips

When investing time in your holiday makeup routine, it would be a shame not to let your eyes shine bright. One of the most fun parts of holiday makeup is doing something unexpected with your eye area, and applying your eye serum as primer will help make sure your eye makeup stays put and stands out!

When you use your Eye Recovery Serum to prime your eye area, you can use it on your eyelids and below the eye to de-puff, brighten and hydrated your delicate eye skin. This will help your eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara stay in place all night so you can keep your glam going strong! Best of all, it will be fighting wrinkles at the same time so you can wake up with fewer wrinkles instead of a holiday party hangover.

Perfect Your Pout

makeup tips for lip linesPutting on your holiday makeup should be fun, but when you run into stubborn lip lines, it can leave your makeup looking sloppy and awful - so what can you do? It turns out that by targeting lip lines with your Eye Recovery Serum, you'll be able to plump lips and help erase pesky wrinkles around your mouth.

Thanks to the tiny molecules in the serum, it is able to penetrate deep to help revive the look of your aging lips. This will help your lipliner and lipstick apply better so you can stay glam all night without worries. It will also help fade lip lines over time to reveal a younger looking mouth! You'll be able to test out new, fun lip colors without a care in the world!