This Is How To Treat The Most Stubborn Types of Wrinkles

Jan 09, 2022
This Is How To Treat The Most Stubborn Types of Wrinkles

Getting older means dealing with wrinkles, but there is more than one type you could be suffering from - each requiring special care. 

Some wrinkles are harder to reverse than others - but don’t worry. Our experts rounded up the top wrinkle types and some simple steps on how to reverse them with ease!

Forehead Wrinkles

forehead wrinkle cureForehead wrinkles are some of the earliest wrinkles to form on the face. All day long your forehead is moving along with your facial expressions causing deep horizontal lines that can seem impossible to reverse. Thankfully, they’re not as tricky to deal with as you may think.

When it comes to treating eyebrow wrinkles, the most effective ingredient is Matrixyl. This special peptide works to help freeze forehead muscles to stop new wrinkles from forming so that you can maintain a more youthful look. It will also work in the deeper layers of skin to plump up wrinkles so they appear less noticeable.

Sagging Jowls

sagging jowl fix

Jowls are prone to sagging because gravity is working against your skin and making it droop. Add in a loss of collagen and elastin in aging skin, and it’s the perfect storm for sagging, old-looking jowls.

Treating jowls may seem like something only surgery can fix, but you’ll be able to lift and firm your jowls just by applying your Neck Firming Cream daily. Even though it's technically formulated for your neck and chest, this cream works wonders at fighting the effects of gravity on sagging jowls. Your jowls will be looking more firm and lifted in no time with only two minutes of care a day!


Lip Lines

lip line wrinklesSome people think you need to be a smoker to suffer from lip lines, but the truth is we are all susceptible. We use our mouths so much and static wrinkles are bound to form around them. This can make lipstick bleed or leave you feeling insecure, but lip lines can be easy to reverse with a secret trick.

We always suggest treating lip lines with your eye serum. This may sound silly, but the peptides in your eye serum can work wonders to plump and firm the skin around your lips. By delivering peptides to this often forgotten area, you’ll be able to fight existing lip lines and keep new ones from forming thanks to preventative ingredients!