Argan Oil Is The Can't-Miss Skin Ingredient of 2022

Jan 23, 2022
Argan Oil Is The Can't-Miss Skin Ingredient of 2022


Nothing makes us happier than recommending skincare products or ingredients that work and when we recently learned about the vast benefits of Argan oil for skin, we knew we had to share.

This impressive ingredient is gaining wild popularity this year, and for good reason. Wondering what this ancient oil can do for you, specifically? Here are the top benefits of using Argan oil in your daily routine.

It Can Shrink Pores

how to shrink poresThroughout the day, our pores are getting clogged up with makeup, dead skin cells, and pollution. Over time, it fills your pores up which makes them way more noticeable and prone to breakouts. As you age, the buildup gets worse - but using Argan oil on your skin can help clear up and shrink pores in only a few weeks!

Argan has been used for centuries to help regulate skin sebum. Sebum is the type of oil that clogs pores and leads to acne and even as an adult, it’s important to keep it under control. When you use argan oil in your Repair & Release Cream daily to control your sebum production, you’ll be able to keep pores clear and small - just the way you like them! 

It's Super Hydrating

argan oil for dry skinIt’s a well-known fact that when your skin gets too dry, it can wreak havoc on your face. Excessive dryness leads to more wrinkles and makes it harder to hide the wrinkles you already have. Throw in cakey makeup or creased concealer and it’s enough to make hydration a priority.

One of the best things about Argan oil is that it’s incredibly hydrating to the skin. Unlike some ingredients, Argan goes deep into the layers of your skin to plump and hydrate all skin types. No matter if you’re dry, combination, or normal, you’ll have improved hydration without the risk of looking oily.

It Softens

how to soften skinOver the age of 40, you’ll start to notice a change in the texture of your skin. Oftentimes, you’ll find dry, flakey patches and rough spots. That’s because you’re losing collagen and elastin which is needed for a soft and supple complexion. Thanks to the power of Argan oil, you can soften these spots with ease.

Argan is packed full of vitamin e, linoleic acid, and omega fatty acids - all of which can help soften and improve the texture of your skin. When we formulated our Repair & Release Cream with Argan oil, we knew it would benefit your skin and we’re so excited to bring you this powerful and high-quality ingredient that transforms skin right at home!