These Are The Best Ingredients For Fighting Dark Circles

Jan 11, 2022
These Are The Best Ingredients For Fighting Dark Circles

Your eyes are the window to your soul, but when dark circles are making you look old and tired, it can mess with your confidence. Thankfully, there are a handful of ingredients that can help you wake up with brighter eyes.

If you’ve been suffering from dark circles and have had enough of hiding them under concealer, check out the top ingredients for brightening dark circles!

Vitamin C

dark under eye circles

The power of vitamin C has been long documented when it comes to skin. From brightening your complexion to delivering amino acids, vitamin C is something you absolutely want in your skincare arsenal, especially when it comes to aging skin.

When treating dark undereye circles, vitamin C can’t be matched! It delivers natural brightening amino acids to your skin to fade darkness and brighten your eye area. It will also help nourish your delicate eye skin which can help fight wrinkles and eye bags too! Not only will using it feel like a luxurious moment of self-care but you’ll be blown away by the results in as little as a month!

Milk Thistle

dark under eye circles

This ancient herb is similar to a daisy in looks, but it packs a whole lot of benefits for your skin - and especially your dark eye circles. Milk thistle is known to detoxify and fight inflammation, making it the perfect ingredient to tackle your dark eye circles.

Applying it daily as a key ingredient in your Eye Repair Serum will help combat dark circles that can make you look old and tired. Milk thistle will also work to plump lines around your eyes resulting in a brighter and more mesmerizing complexion. Brightening your eyes won’t just make you look younger, it will help increase your confidence too!


dark circles under eyesBack in the day, people used to use tea bags to help reduce dark circles and de-puff the eye area. Many of these tea bags were filled with chamomile, a beautiful herb that does wonders for brightening the eye area. Thankfully, you can get all the power of chamomile without the messy DIY.

Using an eye serum formulated with chamomile is going to deliver tons of antioxidant properties to your eye area. This will help de-puff, fight wrinkles, and brighten dark circles easily. When you use chamomile daily as part of your eye care routine, you’ll be delivering long-term benefits to your eye area while still enjoying the immediate improvement in dark circles!