To Help Erase Wrinkles And Sagging Skin, You Need To Rebuild Collagen. Here’s How.

Aug 07, 2022
To Help Erase Wrinkles And Sagging Skin, You Need To Rebuild Collagen. Here’s How.


If you’ve made it past the age of 30, chances are that you have started to notice things like wrinkles and fine lines showing up, along with sagging skin. You may have started to notice other things too, but these signs of aging are by far the most common and the most hated.

Luckily, scientists have discovered that the first step in fighting them is to rebuild the structure of your complexion, which means helping it to create more collagen. We've rounded up our 3 favourite collagen-stimulating ingredients to help you do exactly that!

Vitamin C

One of the first places people start to notice aging is around the eyes because our eyes are part of everyday expressions like smiling and frowning, so there’s always some kind of movement going on here. While it’s perfectly normal, it can cause a rapid breakdown of collagen, which makes wrinkles and bags a permanent feature of your appearance and may make you feel insecure!

To help shoo away these stubborn signs of aging, you’ll need to keep Vitamin C in your routine. This powerful ingredient carries so many benefits for your complexion, including helping erase wrinkles and fine lines by encouraging your body to produce more collagen. If you want a healthier, livelier eye area, Vitamin C is the way to go!

How to get rid of wrinkles and sagging skin


When it comes to the rest of your face, sagging skin can start to show up around your jaw and you may start to notice wrinkles forming around your mouth and forehead. This doesn’t do any good for your self-confidence and can make you wish time would move slower, so adding peptides to your routine should be a top priority!

Peptides are one of the most effective ways you can start rebuilding collagen in your complexion and using them twice daily can help rebuild your entire complexion to make it appear plumper and more youthful. They can help lift and firm the skin and also help fade your wrinkles. Having it in your skincare ritual is a total no-brainer!

Peptides benefits for skin

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

If you’re interested in smoothing wrinkles and lifting sagging skin, a surface-level treatment just isn’t going to cut it. The most frustrating thing about both of these signs of aging is that they start deep in your skin, which is why they can be nearly impossible to get rid of.

That’s exactly why Alpha Hydroxy Acids are going to help you! These types of ingredients come in many different forms and penetrate deep into your skin to help reverse signs of aging from the very root by helping your body boost its collagen production. They are so impressive when it comes to helping smooth your complexion and creating a firmer, more radiant glow that you’ll be blown away by the difference after just one use!

What are AHAs

There are a lot of different ways you can start to rebuild the collagen in your complexion, but we love these 3 ingredients for a very simple reason - they’ve been scientifically proven to show results! Once you add them to your routine, you’ll see why they're so popular and you’ll never go back.