Why You Need To Add Antioxidants To Your Routine If You Want Glowing Skin

Aug 09, 2022
Why You Need To Add Antioxidants To Your Routine If You Want Glowing Skin


 Have you ever taken a bite out of an apple and left it on the counter too long, only for it to turn brown? Well, what if we told you that the same thing is happening to your skin, just at a much slower rate?

The reason the apple turns brown is because of oxygen in the air. Unfortunately, your skin will suffer a similar fate except instead of turning brown, you’ll start to notice things like wrinkles and dark spots. Thankfully, just like you can prevent an apple from turning bad with lemon juice, you can help stop your skin from withering and aging with antioxidants!

They Help Stimulate Collagen Production

antioxidants benefits for eyes

Oxygen may be essential for us to survive, but it has a dark side that people don’t often talk about. It can cause the breakdown of collagen, which is what keeps your skin structured and plump instead of puffy and wrinkled. Unless you want to age extra fast, you need to protect your collagen at all costs.

By using an antioxidant in your skincare routine, you can help avoid things like crows feet and puffy eye bags and instead help keep your appearance looking bright and fresh! Antioxidants have so many benefits, but they’re especially effective around the eye area, so if you want to keep your under-eyes looking youthful and radiant, make sure you grab yourself an eye serum with powerful antioxidant ingredients!

They Help Reduce Inflammation

antioxidants benefits for inflammation

It’s odd to think that one of the things keeping us alive - Oxygen - can also cause inflammation in our bodies! Inflammation is no good when it comes to aging purely because all that damage can put stress on your skin, and if your skin is stressed out it can’t defend itself against most signs of aging.

Luckily, antioxidants work their magic on your complexion by reducing inflammation and help de-puff and calm your skin. Not only does this decrease that bloated look, but it helps keep your appearance healthy and ready to fight off anything that threatens it. If you want to keep your skin in tip-top shape, antioxidants can be a huge help!

They Help Brighten Dark Spots

antioxidants benefits for dark spots

Forgetting to use antioxidants in your routine may not cause your skin to go brown all over after a few minutes like an apple does, but over the years you might start to notice a similar effect. Many people think dark spots are caused by the sun alone, but the truth is that oxygen can play a big part in ruining your clear complexion as well!

If you put lemon juice on an apple, you’ll notice it helps protect the fruit from withering away. That’s because Lemon juice has Vitamin C which is an antioxidant! Other antioxidants have the same effect and can help prevent your skin from showing up with dark patches and spots everywhere. On top of that, they can also help lighten the spots you already have and create a more even, glowing appearance!

Antioxidants have so many different benefits, and the ones we mentioned here barely scratch the surface. If you want to help protect your skin against aging, antioxidants are the way to go. They’ll keep your complexion healthy and vibrant in the years to come, so don’t miss out on having them in your routine!