3 Reasons Why Skincare Is So Much More Than Being Vain

Aug 14, 2022
3 Reasons Why Skincare Is So Much More Than Being Vain


Anyone who has never had a skincare routine might have trouble believing that there are many different reasons to start focusing on how your skin looks. While some people may think it’s an act of selfishness and skincare routines are based on vanity, there are so many healthy aspects of taking care of your skin.

From taking care of your skin because you enjoy the routine or because you want to see a difference in the appearance of your complexion, we’ve rounded up 3 different reasons having a skincare routine is beneficial to your physical, mental and emotional health!

It Supports The Health Of Your Skin

If you look at someone with an unhealthy complexion and compare them to someone with a healthy one, the difference is often surprising. Having an unhealthy complexion caused by neglecting your skin not only puts you at risk of developing irreversible conditions but can also make you realize why having a skincare routine is part of basic hygiene.

Keeping your skin clean and protected every day is the first step to having a healthy complexion. Not only does it make you feel better about your appearance, but it also helps to create a healthy, vibrant glow. The mental benefits of taking care of your skin should never be underestimated!

healthy skin

It’s An Act Of Self Care

Depending on your lifestyle, you may find it difficult to make time to pamper yourself and make sure you’re getting enough rest and relaxation. A huge downside to this could be that you wind up burnt out and unable to handle simple, everyday tasks. If you’ve ever felt burnt out, you know how unpleasant of an experience it is!

Some might believe rest and relaxation to be an unnecessary luxury, but that’s simply not true. Your mental health is equally as important as your physical health, and having a skincare routine can help to make you feel more relaxed and wind down at the end of each day. A great tip to help make your routine even more relaxing is to try and massage in your moisturizer - it feels great and does wonders for your mood!

self care

It’s A Healthy Routine

A life without routine is often a chaotic one. Without a routine, you may start to feel flustered and stressed out about fitting everything into your day. Even the smallest of routines can make a huge difference, especially if it’s a healthy habit that you’re practicing!

A great example of a healthy habit is your skincare routine! Not only does it have some great physical benefits, but it also has some pretty powerful mental benefits too. Starting and ending your day with skincare can feel incredible, especially on days when you don’t feel like it but motivate yourself to do it anyway. Plus, the transformation you see after being consistent with a routine gives you a feeling like no other!

healthy routine

If anyone tells you that your skincare routine is vain, they simply don’t understand the benefits that having one can give you. Anything that takes care of your mental, physical and emotional health at once is worth your time and effort, so don’t abandon your routine whatever you do!