Is Your Smartphone Actually Doing Damage To Your Skin?

Sep 26, 2021
Is Your Smartphone Actually Doing Damage To Your Skin?

Your smartphone may be helpful and convenient, but it is not your skin’s best friend. Since we started using smartphones on a regular basis, there have been all sorts of negative health effects linked to them ranging from bad posture to eye issues from the bright light of the screen. What you may not realize is that your smartphone is also causing some serious problems for your skin.


There’s no denying it: Keyboards are filthy. In the era of touch screens, it makes the problem even worse. While you may wash your hands often and think clean hands equal clean phone, you might be wrong.

Keep Your Phone Away From Your Face

Even the natural oils your hands produce can cause pimples, clogged pores, and wrinkles! When you hold your phone up to your face to talk on it, all the bacteria and dirt living on your screen is right up against your face and enters your pores to disrupt your skin.

clear skin If you’re sticking your phone up against your face all the time and pushing it into your cheek, it can irritate and clog pores. The pressure from your phone up against your cheek encourages oil glands to create more oil and also forces bacteria, dirt, and makeup into pores, where they get trapped and cause breakouts.

Clean Your Phone!

To avoid doing further harm to your skin, make sure you are cleaning your phone screen often and using it with clean hands. You can also minimize the contact your phone has with your face by using your headphones and microphone to make calls or even use the speakerphone option.

While there is no perfect way to avoid the bacteria and dirt that is covering your phone, being conscious of the negative effects it can have can play a key role in improving the health of your skin.

TIP: To make sure you’re clearing any dirt and bacteria from your face to your skin as healthy and youthful as possible. You can use an oil cleanser like the South Beach Skin Lab – Olive Oil Cleanser twice a day which is proven to remove more free radicals from your skin than traditional foaming cleansers.

How often do you clean your phone from dirt and bacteria? Let us know in the comments below!