Make Sure To Use These 4 Tips for Safely Tanning & Having Fun In The Sun This Summer

Sep 27, 2021
Make Sure To Use These 4 Tips for Safely Tanning & Having Fun In The Sun This Summer

Although we often prefer the speed and convenience of fake tans to sun baked tans, there are lots of reasons to love the sunshine. For one thing, it increases serotonin levels, which is proven to ease anxiety. Furthermore, it generates vitamin D, which fortifies the skin, bones and teeth. However, to avoid the risk of premature aging, you should take heed of the following safe tanning advice:

Avoid Sunbeds

You might believe that using a sunbed is a perfectly safe tanning option. In reality though, as with the sun, sunbeds generate UVA rays and occasionally UVB rays. While the sun generates other harmful rays as well, using a sunbed may still not going to prevent you from skin related issues in years to come. It is impossible to get a completely safe tan, regardless of whether you are indoors or outdoors as can undesirable effects, like premature aging via fine lines, age spots and wrinkles are a risk.

Protect Your Face With a Hat and Sunglasses

A hat and sunglasses are essential to get a tan that is even. The skin around the eyes and the eyes themselves are sensitive to rays from the sun. If you fail to take the correct precautions, you might end up developing eye conditions, such as macular degeneration, or cataracts. Look for sunglasses with labels that say ‘Satisfies ANSI UV Regulations’ and ‘400 nm UV Absorption’. This means that the glasses protect you from virtually all UV rays. The perfect type of glasses are wrap around ones with big frames, because these shield your eyes from rays that originate from multiple angles. Nonetheless, try not to fall asleep while wearing sunglasses, otherwise your sun tan might be uneven.

clean skin It is possible to look fashionable while sunbathing, and protecting your eyes, ears, nose, scalp and forehead at the same time by getting a hat with a two or three inch brim. If wide, large hats are not your cup of tea, use a shade cap instead, because these have a seven inch piece of material that drapes down the back and sides, and protects the neck as well. While baseball caps look the part, they only protect the top and front of your head, and leave your ears and neck susceptible to sunburn.

Always Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen should be applied to all parts of the body that will receive sun exposure no later than fifteen minutes before venturing outdoors, even if the weather is cloudy. Do not solely depend on SPF. Check that the bottle label has a UVA symbol and the word ‘high’, or uses the phrase ‘broad spectrum’. Opt for SPF30, rather than SPF50.

This filters ninety-seven percent of UVB rays, whereas SPF50 filters ninety-eight percent. SPF50 often has an unpleasant texture, so you might not reapply it in two hour intervals as recommended. If your skin is darker, SPF15 will be fine.

Don’t Overexpose Yourself

To obtain a glowing and healthy tan, avoid overexposing your skin to sunrays. Try to tan in stages, by planning your sunbathing timetable sensibly to prevent sunburn. If you spend the entire day on the beach, it might give you a nice tan – however, it could leave you with sunburn for the rest of your holiday. Tanning in small sessions is the ideal way to acquire a lovely summer glow. Thirty to sixty minutes of sunshine each day will enable your body to generate sufficient melanin to assist you during your next session. It is vital to arrange a good time to sunbathe outdoors.

The EPA (American Environmental Protection Agency) says that the strength of UV rays is highest from 10:00 to 16:00 on hot summer’s days. And when you’re done tanning, maintaining a healthy skincare regimen will help combat adverse effects of tanning.

There are a lot of things to consider, for your health and safety, before you try to get that sexy tan that turns heads when you walk into a room. Notwithstanding, by doing some research and a bit of preparation, and by observing the above advice, you will end up with a tan that is impressive without jeopardizing your well-being.