These Are The Worst Ingredients For Skin Health – And What To Use Instead

Sep 22, 2021
These Are The Worst Ingredients For Skin Health – And What To Use Instead

Did you know that in the United States of America, the FDA does not need to approve skincare ingredients? That means that there are tons of brands out there using some not-so-safe ingredients without any consequences.

We enlisted experts to help uncover which ingredients are the most harmful to your skin, and what you can use instead to heal skin and get some real results. These are the top unhealthy skincare ingredient…

Synthetic Fragrance

clean skin We all have our personal preference of scents and having one you love in a product can be an added bonus. Sadly, so many products on the market in the USA use fake, synthetic fragrances to help their products smell appealing. Scientists decided to do some testing when it came to cosmetic fragrances and found that the single ingredient listed as “fragrance” can have over 100 chemicals in it.

It may not seem like a big deal but rubbing that many chemicals into your skin day in and day out is going to compromise the health of your skin and can lead to accelerated aging. Instead, opt for products that include fragrances derived from natural oils, like our South Beach Skin Lab line. You’ll be sure to have great smelling products that are still 100% safe and effective.


rub to hard You’ve probably heard the term “paraben-free” but do you really understand parabens and why they’re so harmful? Parabens are an ingredient that’s put into products to stabilize them and extend their shelf life. While they’ve been widely used in everything from face cream to toothpaste, they’re now proving to be quite toxic for us to use – and can even lead to cancer. Parabens are so dangerous and they mostly appear in cheaper, drugstore skincare products.

That’s why investing in high-performance skincare, like South Beach, which is 100% paraben-free is so important. Each and every formulation is free of all parabens and formulated with amazing healthy alternatives. Instead of parabens, using botanical ingredient alternatives to help keep products fresh will give products the same shelf life without the risk. Using a moisturizing cream formulated without parabens will allow you to fade wrinkles faster and not jeopardize your health and the same time.


Stay consistent Formaldehyde is a toxic ingredient that is used in personal care products in the USA, despite the knowledge that it’s harmful. Other countries like Europe and Canada have already banned this ingredient in skincare but here in America, we are still waiting. If you’re shopping for budget skincare, there’s a chance you could end up with ingredients like formaldehyde in your products without even realizing it.

This ingredient is a preservative but in 2021, there’s no need for using something so dangerous. That’s why all our products are free of formaldehyde and use ingredients that are 100% safe and effective. Instead of risking your skin and your health, using quality skincare with proven and safe ingredients will help provide far better results than anything containing toxins like formaldehyde.