These Lifestyle Changes Will Completely Transform Your Skin - Mostly For Free!

May 26, 2023
These Lifestyle Changes Will Completely Transform Your Skin - Mostly For Free!


Aging can be frustrating. Sometimes, no matter what you use on your complexion, you just don’t see the results that you’re working so hard for! For most people, if a product isn’t giving them the look they want, they’ll ditch it and try something new, but that isn’t always the best plan of action.

The truth is, the problem could lie in some lifestyle choices you are making! A few simple changes to your daily life could end up making your complexion so much more radiant and youthful - and most of these changes are totally free…

1. Massaging Your Face

There’s nothing more relaxing than facial massages, and the amazing thing about them is that they help reveal a glowing complexion! On top of that, they help things like serums sink into the skin even better so they can help deliver dramatic results more effectively!

woman massaging face 

2. Taking Time Away From Technology

Let’s face it, technology can be very useful, but there’s a time and place for it! Especially since the blue light that comes from your screens is actually damaging your skin! If you can help it, try and avoid using a device when you don’t need to and instead help keep your skin protected from dark spots and patches.

 woman looking at phone

3. Perfecting Your Bedtime Routine

Doing your skincare routine right before you jump into bed and go to sleep is not a great idea. That’s because your skin needs time to soak up all those ingredients before they rub off on your pillow! Give yourself at least an hour before bed to allow your skincare products to do their job and help reverse those signs of aging.

slippers and alarm clock 

4. Cutting Back On Alcohol

A glass of wine in the evening sure is relaxing, but unfortunately, it’s not doing much for your skin. Alcohol causes inflammation, which often can show up on the surface of your complexion. You’d be surprised how transformed your skin feels without it!

 woman drinking wine

5. Wearing SPF

As much as we love sitting out in the sun on a beautiful summer’s day, it can really do a number on your complexion. Wearing SPF every single day should be non-negotiable! If you want to keep your skin protected from premature aging, that is…

 woman applying SPF