Three Reasons You Should Avoid Skincare Tools At All Costs

Mar 20, 2022
Three Reasons You Should Avoid Skincare Tools At All Costs


Skincare tools have been one of the most popular trends in the last few years and claim to give you spa-like results right at home. But is it too good to be true?

It turns out that many popular tools are doing more harm than good - and your skin will be the one to suffer. Here’s everything we know about why at-home skin tools are not all they’re made out to be.

They Spread Bacteria    

bad skin tools wrinkle damage

When you use a facial tool, it’s collecting all sorts of things off your skin that are invisible to the naked eye. This includes makeup, dirt, debris, and dead skin cells. When you use the tool on other spots of your face, you’re just moving around all of this dirt, and it can lead to damage, infections, and sensitivity in your skin.

Most people don’t consider the cleanliness of these tools and don’t wash them often which is why they’re not a great choice for you. Instead, opt for cleansers, creams, and serums that are stored in a way that prevents bacteria. Not only will your products work better but you won't’ need to shell out extra money on tools that collect grime. If you have to use a skin tool, make sure that you’re using an oil cleanser to prep skin first so that it can remove all impurities and dirt before it has the chance to spread.

They Cause Micro Tears

skin tools micro tears

Micro tears can appear on your skin without you noticing them. They are teeny tiny rips on your skin that lead to flakes, sagging, and even wrinkles too. When you’re dragging a tool across your face or rubbing it along your skin, it’s creating micro tears and accelerating the speed of your wrinkles.

None of us need help getting more wrinkles which is why it is so important to avoid these tools. Instead, use products that help rebuild the outer layer of your skin to keep it safe and protected. A powerful moisturizer is going to deliver a lot more benefits than a face roller - and best of all you don’t need to worry about the safety and health of your skin while you use it. It will also work to deliver important nutrients to your skin to heal past damage and protect you in the future.

They Aren't Effective 

worst skincare tools

We aren't saying these tools can help to de-puff and get the circulation in your skin going - but if you’re relying on them to make your skin look younger you’ll be disappointed in the end. These tools have very little proof or research and are mostly marketing gimmicks designed to make you spend more. Instead of falling for it - learn to fight wrinkles properly and effectively.

You’re going to get far better results from cosmeceutical ingredients that are topically applied than you will from any skin tool. Not only is it proven to give results, but it’s also a more consistent way to get long-term results. If you stick with high-quality skincare products for at least 30 days, your skin will get more benefits and results than using any kind of skin tool once in a while. So ditch the gimmicks and opt for something proven to work!