Three Skincare Products You Need To Ditch In 2022

Jan 02, 2022
Three Skincare Products You Need To Ditch In 2022

At the start of a new year, it’s always the best time to clean out your cupboards and take stock of what products have gone bad, or that you’re no longer using. It’s also the perfect time to ditch products that could be harmful to your skin.

Just because it’s sold in a drugstore doesn’t make it safe. Here are the top products to ditch from your routine in 2022, and what to use instead for safer and more effective results!


exfoliating skin wrinklesWhen your skin feels flakey and dry, it's natural to want to reach for a physical exfoliant. These often have beads or abrasive particles like sugar or coffee that claim to exfoliate the skin. Sadly, these products are incredibly dangerous despite their popularity. They can cause tears in your skin that are invisible to the naked eye, and lead to accelerated wrinkles all over your face. 

Instead of taking a chance on physical exfoliants, opt for something much safer and more gentle. In 2022, skincare experts are all recommending oil cleansers as a safer and more effective way to exfoliate your face. Instead of using harsh textures, oil goes deep into pores and works like a magnet to pull out any dirt or debris. It will also clear away dead skin cells softly so your skin can glow without any risk!

Eye Patches

eye wrinkle solution

You may see these cute under-eye patches all over social media as they’ve been a hit product for the last few years. It seems like a fun addition to your routine - but these patches are terrible for both the environment and your skin. Anything single-use should be used with caution as it creates a ton of unnecessary waste. The patches themselves can also be unhygienic because you’re putting dirty hands in the jar over and over again.

If you want to brighten your eyes, fade dark circles and erase crow's feet, you need to ditch your eye patches and opt for a powerful and proven eye serum. Formulated with peptides and without gimmicks, it’s going to give you real results around your eyes without the risk of using patches. Best of all, one bottle can last you months so you’ll be doing your part to create less waste!



two-in-one skincare products

In the last decade, brands have pushed 2-in-1 products to help create more value when getting you to buy their products. One of the most common 2-in-1 products we see is wrinkle cream with SPF. Anytime you see this, be wary. When you break down the science, neither the wrinkle-fighting ingredients nor the SPF can work their best when mixed together.

It’s important to wear sunscreen every day but we suggest applying a separate SPF 30 at the end of your routine. This will make sure that the anti-aging peptides in your cream work the best they can. It will also prevent sun damage, dark spots, and wrinkles because you’ll be getting proper SPF coverage without compromising the integrity of the ingredients. It’s the only way to make sure you’ll be able to reverse wrinkles effectively for younger-looking skin!