Dark Spots Don’t Stand A Chance Against These Damage-Fighting Ingredients

Dec 26, 2021
Dark Spots Don’t Stand A Chance Against These Damage-Fighting Ingredients

There are lots of unwanted signs of aging, but none can disrupt a beautiful complexion as bad as dark spots. They can be from aging or signs of past damage, but no matter where they come from, you’ll want them gone ASAP.

If you’re a dark spot sufferer, you’re about to have one less thing to worry about! Check out these three ingredients which are unmatched in fading dark spots quickly!

Beta White

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Beta white is also known as B-White and is a very special kind of skincare ingredient. What makes it so special is that it goes to work on a cellular level to help fade existing spots and stop new ones from forming. This is known as healthy melanin synthesis and means that it manages the pigment levels in your skin.

When you apply your Dark Spot Corrector to imperfections and dark spots, you’ll be delivering the power of B-White each and every time. By using this peptide, you’ll be able to minimize dark spots and damage caused by harmful UV rays. You will also allow skin cells to turn over and reverse the damage so you can say goodbye to dark spots for good!

Asyntra SL

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This ingredient is actually a collection of many different small ingredients that make up its power at fighting dark spots fast. Asyntra SL is the top choice for many skincare professionals when they need to fade spots and protect against dark spot damage. Now, it’s finally available to use right at home.

Each and every day when you apply your dark spot cream, you’ll know that the power of Asyntra SL is helping to reverse dark spots while you go about your day. Packed full of fatty acids that aid your skin's function, you’ll be able to nourish and brighten your complexion while evening out pigmentation.

Vitamin C

vitamin C skincare When it comes to stopping dark spots, nothing is more powerful than the power of vitamin C. This ingredient may come from nature, but it's just as powerful as any cosmeceutical ingredient available today. That’s why we included 5 types of vitamin C in our popular Dark Spot Corrector. Even using it once a day will result in some big improvements in your dark spots.

Vitamin C naturally brightens skin so not only will your spots fade, but your whole face will have a healthy glow! It’s packed with antioxidants which also help fight free radicals and wrinkles too! That means using vitamin C in your daily routine will benefit your skin in multiple different ways and make sure you stay youthful and dark spot-free!