These Moisturizing Mistakes Are Holding You Back From Results

Apr 26, 2022
These Moisturizing Mistakes Are Holding You Back From Results


It would seem that applying your daily moisturizer is pretty straightforward, but it turns out that many Americans are missing a few simple tips that are keeping them from seeing a visible improvement in their skin.

From storage to application, there are lots of little mistakes that can be keeping you from the results you want. Thankfully, if you avoid these three mistakes below, it should help your skin to thrive!

Applying Dry 

moisturizing mistakes to avoid

When you apply moisturizing cream to your face, most of the time your skin is completely dry. But did you know that applying your moisturizer to damp skin can help you get more hydration and better results without having to use more product?

When your face is damp, it allows the moisturizer to go deeper into pores to deliver wrinkle-fighting ingredients. Because the best moisturizing creams are water-based, they work with the dampness to deeply hydrate and deliver some of the best anti-aging ingredients in America. This simple switch in application can help deliver big results for your skin!

Using Too Much 

moisturizing mistakes to avoid

When skin gets dry, it's very tempting to slather on layers and layers of cream to rehydrate - but that's one of the worst possible things you can do for your skin. When you have too many layers of cream on, it can suffocate your skin and cause redness, irritation, breakouts, and more.

Instead of slathering on cream, opt for using only a quarter-sized amount of high-quality cream. This will not only make your products last longer, but it will help you avoid over-use which can lead to excessive skin issues. If you’re using a moisturizer like our Repair and Release Cream, you’ll still get all the amazing benefits of peptides without having to use it a lot. You'll find a little goes a long way but still provides excellent results!

Lack of Consistency

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We all want instant results, but great skin is a marathon and not a sprint. Wishing for overnight results will leave you broken-hearted because science has proven the only way to see real improvements is to stay consistent with your routine for at least a few months.

Moisturizing creams have been formulated and tested to give results, but these things take time. Instead of expecting a miracle, opting for quality products and sticking with them will give you far better results in the long run. It won’t just turn back the clock on existing wrinkles and damage, but it will help keep your skin safe in the future from further signs of aging.