Dr. Ryan's Mailbag: Can You Still Get Dark Spots Even If You Wear Sunscreen Every Day? Plus More...

Jun 16, 2022
Dr. Ryan's Mailbag: Can You Still Get Dark Spots Even If You Wear Sunscreen Every Day? Plus More...

Hi there! My name is Dr. Ryan Shelton and it’s finally Friday - that means it’s time for our weekly Mailbag! Before we go into the weekend, I’ll be answering two great questions from customers just like you. Are you ready?

My first question comes from Mandy in Louisville, KY

Q: Hi Dr. Ryan, I’ve been noticing some dark patches show up on my face, even though I’m wearing sunscreen every day. What should I do?

Dark spots and how to remove them

A: Hi Mandy! Don’t worry - it’s normal to see dark patches show up even though you’re consistent with using sunscreen every day. The good news is that there are ways you can help get rid of these patches, but it won’t be with sunscreen…

I always tell my customers that they should be wearing SPF every single day. Not only does it protect your skin from getting burnt, but it also helps keep signs of aging like sun spots and wrinkles at bay.

But what a lot of people forget is that dark spots and patches aren’t only caused by the sun. They can also be caused by heat or genetics.

No matter the cause, SPF isn’t always a guaranteed solution to preventing these dark areas from showing up.

The only way you can get ahead of them is to start using a treatment that can lighten them and keep new ones from forming at the same time.

I’ve taken a lot of care to make sure my Dark Spot Corrector does both of these things! And what’s even better, you can use it all over your face to create a beautiful, even complexion.

So if you’re still seeing dark patches show up, my best professional advice would be to add a product like my Dark Spot Corrector to your routine.

It’s great at helping lighten these unusually dark areas, whether they are caused by the sun, heat, or even genetics!

And one last thing - great job at applying your SPF every day! Keep it up!

My next question is from Debbie in Jackson, MI

Q: Hi Dr. Shelton. My daughter told me that wearing makeup every day makes you age faster. Is that true?

Is it safe to wear makeup every day?

A: Hi Debbie! The short answer to your question is no, makeup does not make you age faster. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to make sure it stays that way. I’ll go into more detail on that.

Wearing makeup daily isn’t going to damage your skin, but if you’re not good at making sure you wash every bit of it off before bed, you could be hurting your complexion.

When you wear makeup, your skin isn’t able to breathe or repair itself as well as it can when you have a fresh face.

For a few hours, this won’t do any serious damage to your skin, but if you leave your makeup on overnight, your complexion will be vulnerable to dirt and bacteria which won’t leave your appearance looking too great.

It’s important to use a cleanser that’s powerful enough to wash away every bit of dirt on the surface of your skin and make sure you aren't left with clogged or enlarged pores.

Having a cleanser with Antibacterial ingredients - just like my Lavender Oil Cleanser - is a huge plus too!

This will help you rinse away any dirt and decrease bad bacteria on your face, leaving behind a healthy, clean complexion.

What’s more, is that it will also help protect you from developing enlarged pores, which are commonly caused by a build-up of dirt (or makeup!) that hasn’t been washed away properly.

Long story short, you can feel safe when you use your makeup in the daytime - just make sure it comes off completely before you hit the hay!