Dr. Ryan's Mailbag: Is There An Alternative To Fillers? Plus More...

Jun 23, 2022
Dr. Ryan's Mailbag: Is There An Alternative To Fillers? Plus More...

Hey There! I’m Dr. Ryan and it’s the end of another week, so that means it's about time for our Friday Mailbag! Just like every Friday, today I’ll be answering two questions from customers who need some answers to help them along in their skincare journey.

My first question of the day comes from Celeste in Atlanta, GA

Q: Hi Dr. Shelton! I’ve been thinking about getting filler injections under my eyes to help with my dark circles and wrinkles, but I’m afraid of needles and it’s so expensive! Is it worth it?

filler under eyes

A: Hi Celeste! Let me start by saying you’re not alone when it comes to considering filler to help with your Dark Circles and wrinkles around your eyes. Luckily, I have some good news for you - you don’t have to get filler to help you with these problems! Let me tell you about one of my favourite alternatives…

One of the main reasons people turn to filler for the under-eye area is because of how effective it is and how fast the results are. But the sad thing is there are a few downsides to this treatment.

One of the major cons is how expensive it is. Depending on where you are, it can be pretty pricey, and let me tell you, Celeste, I know a few Doctors in Atlanta that charge up to $1000!

Another reason you may be nervous about fillers is the idea of someone using a needle on your face. I’ll confess - I’m not a big fan of needles, so I understand how you feel.

Luckily, I have a great ingredient to recommend for you to use instead of getting fillers. That ingredient is none other than Hyalusphere.

Hyalusphere is similar to hyaluronic acid, which is a plumping and moisturizing superhero.

It acts just like a filler to plump the skin and give it more volume, which is exactly what you need under the eye area to get rid of wrinkles and hollow, dark circles.

I love this ingredient so much that It’s one of the most important parts of my Eye Recovery Serum!

If you’re looking for a plumping and smoothing effect, you don’t have to get a needle stuck in your face to get it.

My professional advice to you would be to try a product like my Eye Recovery Serum that has Hyalusphere in it. It’s a great pain-free option and it’s not nearly as expensive!

My next question comes from Mara in Seattle, WA.

Q: Hi Dr. Ryan. I just got the Dark Spot Corrector because summer is coming up and I don’t want to get any more Dark Spots. How am I supposed to use it?

dark spots over summer

A: Hi Mara, thanks for your question! I get questions like this a lot, so I’d be happy to help you with fitting this great product into your routine.

Firstly, great job on making sure you’re prepared for summer! Since the sun is out a lot more, it’s a great idea to start using a product that will protect your skin from dark patches and keep your complexion looking clear and even.

My Dark Spot Corrector is a great product because you can use it in a couple of different ways depending on your skincare goals.

If you’re interested in lightening up a few spots here and there, I’d suggest using it as a spot treatment on the patches that are concerning you.

But if you’re looking to keep your skin tone even and clear all over, you can use it on your entire face, too!

As for where it fits into your routine…

Since this product has some powerful brightening ingredients like Access White, you’ll want to use it early on in your routine.

The idea here is to make sure it doesn’t have to soak through all of your other products to get to your skin and start with helping to lighten your dark patches.

I usually recommend using it right after you’ve cleansed your skin. That way your face is clean and ready to receive the powerful ingredients that will get to work on the areas you’re concerned about.

Another reason you want to use it early in your routine is that it’s such a light consistency - that means it will sink into your skin quickly and help brighten any stubborn dark spots you have!

All in all, this is a pretty easy and simple product to have in your routine, but it packs a powerful punch.

I’m excited to see how you like the product, and I hope these tips help!