Dr. Ryan's Mailbag: How Do You Kick Your Routine Up A Notch? Plus More...

Feb 17, 2023
Dr. Ryan's Mailbag: How Do You Kick Your Routine Up A Notch? Plus More...


Hello! My name is Dr. Ryan and I am so glad it’s finally Friday! It’s been a long week here at South Beach Skin Lab, but I’m excited to finally get around to another Mailbag Friday where I get to answer two questions from customers who need a little advice with their skin!

My first question comes from Ruth in Gainesville, FL.

Q: Hi Dr. Ryan! I want to kick my skincare routine up a notch. So far I’m using your Lavender Oil Cleanser, Repair and Release Cream, and Eye Recovery Serum. What can I add to get an extra glow and make my routine even better?

skincare routine

A: Hi Ruth, I love your enthusiasm! Kicking your routine up a notch is always a great idea if you want to get an even brighter glow and make your complexion look more flawless. I have a couple of suggestions that would fit perfectly into your routine if you’re looking to add a little radiance to your skin…

It sounds like you’ve got the basics of a good routine down to an art, so my best suggestion for you is to add something that will help boost your other products.

Something like a serum will be perfect!

Now even though I only have one serum in my South Beach Skin Lab line, I actually have 2 products to recommend today…

Of course, the first one is my Collagen Filler Serum! This is the newest addition to my line, and ever since we launched the feedback has been incredible!

The whole purpose of this serum is to create a more plump, hydrated, and radiant complexion, so I think it would be a wonderful addition to your daily skincare routine.

My second professional recommendation is the Dark Spot Corrector.

This product may be more of a spot treatment, but you can also use it just like a serum!

It helps to create a more even skin tone and get rid of any dark patches you may have.

And since a clear, even skin tone goes a long way when it comes to creating a glowing complexion, this product will be great in your routine too!

Whichever product you choose, you’ll see some pretty great results since you’ve got your basic routine in place already.

I can’t wait to hear back about what you choose and how your results go!

My next question comes from Mara in Louisville, KY.

Q: Hi Dr. Ryan! I got really sick this week and now I have a lot of flakes around my nose since I was blowing it so much. They are so obvious and make me feel insecure. How can I get rid of them quickly?

blowing nose

A:  Hi Mara! I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been sick - I hope you’re feeling better! I know exactly how it feels to get those flakes after blowing your nose so much. It happens to me too! Luckily, I’ve found a way to get rid of them really quickly. Let me tell you how.

The trick is to exfoliate very gently. Any exfoliator that’s too rough might do extra damage to the skin around your nose, and we don't want that since your skin in that area is already a little delicate from all the blowing!

I highly recommend using something like my Lavender Oil Cleanser to get rid of those flakes.

It works wonders because it secretly has gentle exfoliating properties!

It has AHAs - or Alpha Hydroxy Acids - in it, that work deep below the surface to help loosen any dead skin in the most delicate way possible.

You may find that you have to spend a little extra time massaging the cleanser into the skin around your nose, but as long as you’re not too rough you should be able to get rid of those flakes pretty quickly.

But that’s not all…

You also need to make sure you keep the area well-hydrated.

Since your skin needs to repair itself, a little extra moisture will go a long way.

A rich cream like my Repair and Release Cream can definitely help you in this situation!

All you need to do is use a little more cream than usual around your nose area during the evening, and your skin will soak up that extra moisture so it can get to work on repairing your complexion and healing as quickly as possible.

Stick to these two tips and you should notice a difference in a matter of days.

I’ve heard there’s a nasty cold going around, so I hope you’re feeling better!

Bye for now!