Fillers Are Not Your Friend, And Here's Why

Feb 03, 2023
Fillers Are Not Your Friend, And Here's Why


All of us want to look our best, but it's important to remember that sometimes the best option is no option at all. Despite what you've heard, fillers are not always the answer when it comes to looking younger.

If you’ve been considering fillers, here are some reasons you may want to take a rain check!

1. They Aren’t Permanent

One of the biggest misconceptions about filler treatments is that they are permanent solutions. Unfortunately, this simply isn't true - fillers only last for a few months at a time before needing to be topped up again. This means that you'll need to keep paying out for regular maintenance treatments just to maintain your desired results - and those costs can add up quickly!

fillers in lips

2. Fillers Can Go Wrong

Fillers have been known to cause skin discoloration and can even migrate away from the area they were injected into, leading to an unnatural appearance and potential health risks if certain areas become blocked off with filler material. For such an expensive procedure, the risks might not be worth it!

fillers under eyes

3. Fillers Can Be Expensive

Filler treatments can be expensive depending on where you live, how much product is needed, and how many visits are required in order to get the desired result. Prices can easily range from hundreds of dollars per treatment up into the thousands. A cheaper, less painful option would be a skincare product that acts just like a filler!

fillers in forehead

4. Fillers Aren't Natural

There's nothing wrong with wanting an improved appearance, but it's important to remember that fillers are unnatural substances that don't necessarily fit everyone's preferences or values surrounding beauty standards. Do your research before you jump into these procedures!

fillers under chin

5. Fillers Don't Fix Everything

While fillers can help plump up specific areas of your face such as lips or cheeks, they won't do anything for sagging skin or deep wrinkles caused by sun damage or aging over time - which means you may end up needing additional procedures down the line in order to perfect your look! Instead, having a well-rounded skincare routine can be a much healthier alternative to having fillers injected into your body.

filler injection