Stories From South Beach: Candace's Story

Jan 08, 2024
Stories From South Beach: Candace's Story


The last few months have been so busy here at South Beach Skin Lab that we haven’t had much time to chat with our customers and hear about their personal journeys to building a stronger and more youthful complexion, but now that the new year is here and the whirlwind of holiday celebrations are over, we managed to catch up with a new customer of ours, Candace.

Candace hasn’t been using South Beach Skin Lab products for very long, but she certainly had a lot to say about our latest releases…

“I’ve tried so many different Retinol products I’ve lost count, but yours is different…”

Candace confessed that she’s not the type of person to stick to one product in particular. She enjoys testing out new products and prefers to switch them up each time she finishes something on her shelf.

“I really look forward to experiencing new products, so I’ve never really repurchased specific products because I liked them so much. That is until I tried the Retinol PM Booster.

When we were crafting our new Retinol PM Booster and Retinol Defense Cream, we wanted to make sure they weren’t the same as most retinol products on the market. We wanted to make something that anybody could feel comfortable using, no matter their skin type.

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“For someone who tries a lot of different products all the time, I have pretty sensitive skin. I have to check a lot of reviews and pay attention to ingredients. I have always wanted to find a Retinol product that was good for skin that’s on the sensitive side, so when I heard about your new products I was so excited!”

Candace told us how she followed along with the whole launch and waited patiently for the day we made the new retinol products available on our site.

We were so happy that she gave our new products a shot because not only is she so happy with the results, but we want to keep people like her in mind when we were creating these new additions in our lab - people who have sensitivities but still want to take advantage of the power of retinol.

“Most skincare companies don’t care about those of us with sensitive skin. They usually pretend like we don’t exist, so having a retinol product that works for me is so appreciated.”

Retinol has been known to irritate the skin, especially for people who are just starting out with it, which is why we added soothing ingredients like German Chamomile Extract to the mix to help minimize sensitivity.

“I didn’t even notice a slight irritation. Just softer and smoother skin! Plus, it’s been about a month since I started using it and my friends have all asked me if I had work done!”

Candace wasn’t shy to tell us that she's 65 years old, and she said it's because she feels like she looks 50. In fact, she even told us that she always gets asked for her ID when she tries to use her Senior’s discount at her favorite grocery store!

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“They don’t ask so much anymore since I’m a regular there now, but every time there’s someone new I have my ID ready because I know they’re going to tell me I have to be over 65 to get my discount. I always love seeing the look on their faces when they calculate my age and see that I’m old enough!”

When we asked Candace if she thinks she’ll continue with the Retinol PM Booster once she’s done her current bottle or if she’ll experiment with something new, this is what she said…

“I don’t think I’ll switch to something else anytime soon. I love trying new things but I love products that blow me away like this one has even more. The Retinol PM Booster is definitely here to stay!”

As always, we love hearing that our products have exceeded expectations!

Before wrapping up with Candace, she gave us some sage advice that she’s learned on her own skincare journey.

“Don’t be scared to try new things - whether we’re talking about skincare or life in general - keep mixing it up. Unless you find something truly unique, then stick with it!”

We just love this idea! Mixing it up keeps things interesting, so we definitely agree with Candace.

We can’t wait to hear back from her in a few months and see if she’s still in love with the Retinol PM Booster, but until then, we’re happy she’s found something she likes so much.