Stories From South Beach: Chris' Story

Dec 18, 2022
Stories From South Beach: Chris' Story


A couple of weeks ago, the South Beach Skin Lab team had the pleasure of chatting with Chris, a friendly and cheerful long-time customer from a beautiful city in Oklahoma.

We wanted to chat with Chris because we knew she’d been using the Repair and Release Cream and Neck Firming Cream for some time, and we were curious about what her skincare journey was like.

Chris had many great stories to share with us, including her experience in a Jewelry store…

"I had one lady in a jewelry store comment that I had no wrinkles…”

“She said, “You have no wrinkles!" So I backed up at least 6 ft and took off my mask and she said "What's your secret?" ”

“So I told her South Beach Skin Lab!”

about Chris

Chris told us that she’ll be 70 in just a month, but her radiant complexion tells a different story!

At 69, strangers often tell Chris that she looks to be in her 50’s! To find out what makes her complexion look 10 years younger, we just had to know more about her skincare routine…

Chris’ daily routine is pretty low maintenance, proving that you don’t need a cupboard filled with expensive products to shed years off your appearance - you just need the basics.

“First I put a toner on, Then I put my eyedrops in, then the Repair and Release, the Neck Firming Cream, sun tan lotion, velvet skin coat, and then my makeup”

Hydration, peptides, and SPF all go a long way when it comes to creating an appearance that your friends will be jealous of, and Chris is a perfect example of that.

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She gets her daily dose of peptides from the South Beach Skin Lab Repair and Release Cream - in fact, she says that using it is a skincare tip that everyone should know about.

Like so many others who have tried it, she’s been able to help create a smoother complexion and decrease her wrinkles and fine lines by using this best-seller on a daily basis.

She also loves her Neck Firming Cream and has seen a dramatic improvement in the skin around her neck area:

“I've got all the wrinkles out of my neck except for one (I guess I'm gonna have to live with that one!)”

But while it may sound like Chris has been very lucky with her skin, it hasn’t always been that way…

When we asked her what her biggest skincare challenge has been over the years, she confessed that she has dealt with a large number of blemishes. Since she has oily skin, it’s no doubt been a struggle for her to keep a clear complexion.

Anyone who has dealt with the same problem knows that you can’t just use any old skincare product if you’re prone to zits or pimples unless you want to wreak havoc on your skin!

Luckily, all South Beach Skin Lab products are great for every skin type, including her oily skin.

Using them means she doesn’t have to worry about clogging up her pores and creating even more blemishes in her complexion - instead, she can concentrate on smoothing out the very few wrinkles she has!

One of our favorite things Chris spoke about is the importance of wearing SPF daily. When we asked her what advice she’d give her younger self, she said

“Wear a hat, which I always wear, and use skin tan lotion (SPF).”

Not only does SPF help prevent Dark spots, but it also helps protect your skin from wrinkles, fine lines, and worse - skin cancer.

She makes sure to keep her skin shielded from the sun at all times, and it’s helped her avoid many different signs of aging that are caused by harmful UV rays.

All in all our conversation with Chris felt like chatting with a friend over a cup of coffee. She shared a lot about herself with us and the conversation we had was one that we walked away from with huge smiles on our faces.

It isn’t hard to tell that she’s a big fan of the South Beach Skin Lab Repair and Release Cream, and she sure does feel lucky to have found it, but the truth is that we’re the lucky ones to have such an incredible person as part of our South Beach Skin Lab family!