Stories From South Beach: Debbie's Story

May 22, 2023
Stories From South Beach: Debbie's Story

“I’ve been your customer for years, and you’d better not stop making the Repair and Release Cream because nothing else works for me!”

These are the words of one of South Beach Skin Lab’s long-time customers, Debbie. She’s been using our Repair and Release Cream since the very beginning and has always kept in close contact with us to let us know how her skin is doing.

In April, she gave us a call to catch up and tell us a story about a recent interaction she’d had with a friend she hadn’t seen in years…

“I went to my 30-year University Reunion about a month ago and reconnected with an old college friend, and he kept saying how good I looked!”

She mentioned that, although they hadn’t seen each other in years, they had always kept in touch and she confessed that back in college she’d had a crush on him!

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“It felt really good to get so many compliments from this man that I had always secretly been sweet on!”

She told us all about how much fun she had at the reunion and how much more confident she felt after it was over.

“Not to knock any of the other ladies I went to college with, but you can really tell who took care of their skin over the years. I felt so proud of myself after the reunion. All that effort and time really paid off. I felt like the most beautiful woman in the room!”

As someone who takes such good care of their skin, it’s no wonder Debbie looks a lot younger than 57!

Each time we have a conversation with her we check in on how her skin is doing and if she’s had any new concerns rise to the surface, but ever since she started using the Repair and Release Cream, she’s described her skincare journey as “smooth sailing”.

But the Repair and Release Cream isn’t the only skincare staple on Debbie’s shelf. She also makes sure to use a daily SPF and applies it twice a day - once in the morning and again around midday.

“Here in Texas, the sun can get really nasty, as you probably know. I feel that I need to reapply my sunscreen to make sure I don’t wrinkle like a prune!”

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But with all that sunscreen application, she’s confessed that she does need to double-cleanse in the evening to make sure her pores are nice and clean and to help avoid breaking out.

“The only downside is that I have to wash my face twice every night, but it’s a small price to pay! I’d rather do that than age faster!”

We’re in agreement with her! Since the sun is responsible for up to 90% of all premature aging, protecting your skin from its rays should be priority number one.

And since she loves the smell of our Lavender Oil Cleanser, she doesn’t mind it half as much as she would with any other product.

“It’s the perfect way to end my day. That relaxing Lavender scent actually helps me wind down and sleep better!”

When we asked her if she had any more skincare tips or advice that she’d like to share with the rest of the South Beach family, she referenced her experience at the reunion again.

“It might be tiring and it may cost money, but take care of your skin now. Your future self will thank you and you will be so glad you did!”

Debbie looks at taking care of her skin not only as a necessary step to keep her body healthy but also views it as an investment.

All of the hard work that she put into her skin from when she was a teenager made her feel and look radiant in a time when most others feel self-conscious, and that’s what South Beach Skin Lab is all about - helping people feel beautiful in their own skin.