Stories From South Beach: Rachel's Story

Apr 17, 2023
Stories From South Beach: Rachel's Story


Ever since South Beach Skin Lab launched the Collagen Filler Serum, we’ve had a ton of customers reach out to us to share their experience with our new product, but few of them were as touching as Rachel’s story…

Rachel lives in Thornton, CO, and she’s been a customer of ours since October 2019. Like most of the South Beach Skin Lab family members, the first product she ever tried was The Repair and Release Cream.

“I was so pleasantly surprised by the results I got in just 1 month that I knew I couldn’t stop using The Repair and Release. I came straight back to buy 3 more!”

Since then, she’s been a close friend of our entire team.

But even though she stuck with the South Beach products, her biggest frustration was finding a serum to add to her routine.

“My biggest hope for South Beach was that you guys would come out with a serum. All the ones I tried from other stores were either way too expensive or just didn’t work for my skin.”

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So when we announced that we were launching the Collagen Filler Serum, she was one of the first to sign up for Early Access!

When we launched, the whole South Beach team was nervous that all the hard work we put into creating our new product wouldn’t pay off and that our customers wouldn’t like the product…

But to our delight, our long-time customers - like Rachel - reached out to us right away to let us know their thoughts.

The first thing Rachel said about the Collagen Filler Serum was this:

“I have been waiting for you guys to come out with a serum for so long, and it was well worth the wait! I can’t believe how much my skin is glowing!”

Not only were we glad that our new product had helped her fill a hole in her routine that she’s been trying to fill for years, but we also felt so lucky to have a customer like her who would go out of their way to be so kind and supportive!

Since we’ve gotten to know Rachel, we’ve been able to learn more about her skincare journey and what her biggest hurdles have been over the years.

“My mother had pretty deep wrinkles all over her face, so I’ve always felt like I’m doomed to suffer the same fate because of genetics.”

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Luckily, Rachel currently looks a lot younger than her mother did at the same age, and she credits her youthful complexion to the Repair and Release Cream Combined with the Collagen Filler Serum.

“Like I said, I was so surprised by the results from the Repair and Release Cream, but I noticed that using the Collagen Serum underneath actually took my skin to a whole new level! I didn’t even think that was possible!”

The truth is, the whole South Beach Skin Lab line is designed to work well together, so we weren’t surprised when she shared this experience with us.

What did surprise us was what she said next…

“I’m almost 64 years old, and I’ve been insecure about my looks my whole life. I don’t think you guys realize how much you’ve done to help my confidence.”

In that instant, we felt so touched. Our goal at South Beach Skin Lab is to help people feel and look their best, and Rachel’s words made us feel like we were reaching that goal!

Before we said goodbye and ended the call, we of course had to figure out Rachel’s best advice for the rest of the South Beach family…

“We all chase this idea of perfection and put a lot of pressure on ourselves to look a certain way, but it doesn’t help. Instead of beating yourself up, just commit to taking care of your skin and your body, and the confidence will come. And remember, beauty starts from within. You’ve gotta treat yourself with kindness no matter what!”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.