3 Summer Beauty Tips You Can’t Get Through This Season Without

Sep 27, 2021
3 Summer Beauty Tips You Can’t Get Through This Season Without

Summer is everyone’s favorite time of year! With the sun blazing, the grass bright green and the beach calling your name, it’s easy to throw your routines to the wind in order to enjoy yourself and get the most out of these beautiful months of the year.

While summer can be easier on your skin than some other seasons (we DO NOT miss winter dryness!) there are still a few beauty staples you should perform to your skin and body for the warmer months. These will help you continue good habits around self care and make sure that the essentials are not being forgotten when you’re sipping a margarita poolside and catching some rays!

#1 Amplify Your Sun Protection

SPF is one of the most important parts of keeping skin healthy and youthful. If you aren’t already using a face SPF all year round, you might want to start right away. While a lighter SPF 15 may be suitable in winter months when the sun is less strong and the days are shorter, but it won’t cut it for those scorching hot summer days.

clean skin Make sure you’re upping your SPF protection to at least an SPF 30 in summer months and that you’re re-applying it as the day goes on. We sometimes forget the sun can be out as late as 9pm in the summer months and while the sun might not be super strong at dinner time, you’re still doing damage while you enjoy dinner in the backyard or prepare food on the bbq. If you only apply your SPF once in the morning, your skin is absolutely being damaged by the time the afternoon and evening roll around.

#2 Brighten Up Your Lip Colour

Wearing full coverage makeup in the summer can be hard. With your skin tone changing from sun exposure, excessive dryness, and lets not forget the foundation melting temperatures, it’s hard to find the right fit for full face makeup.

rub to hard In summer months, all you really need is a brightened lip to give the appearance of a full face of makeup! Instead of packing on the eyeshadow that well be melted to your cheeks by dessert, opt to keep most of the face makeup free. By adding a pop of colour like red, purple or even a burnt orange colour, it allows the eye to focus on the lips and distract from the rest of your makeup free face. There’s no time like summer to let your natural beauty shine and a bold lip is the perfect compliment!

#3 Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a sweaty girls best friend. With scorching summer temperatures, you’re sure to perspire on your head and especially the back of your neck if you have long hair. Even if you’re religious about washing your locks, the reality is it only takes an hour or two of humidity to make your hair look greasy, unwashed and unpleasant.

clean skin When you’re on the go in summer months, throw a travel size bottle of dry shampoo in your purse. You can freshen up with it once you feel the sweat starting and it will take even the most greasy looking humidity hair and turn it into fresh, bouncy and great smelling locks! Dry shampoo works on all lengths of hair and all hair types too! If you have thicker hair, apply a little less to help prevent buildup. If you hair is thin, dry shampoo will pull double duty to dry up greasy locks but also to add some much needed volume to the hair

Now that you’ve got these three simple tricks for surviving summer beauty with the least amount of effort, get outside and enjoy the weather before we blink and the leaves start falling!