Why It’s Never Too Late Or Too Early To Start An Anti-Aging Routine

Sep 27, 2021
Why It’s Never Too Late Or Too Early To Start An Anti-Aging Routine

You are never too young to begin thinking about how your skin changes. Aging is a process that we all must accept, but don’t have to sit by and allow to take over the way our skin looks. Babies have the softest skin because it’s loaded with elastin fibers and healthy collagen.

These attributes give the skin the flexibility and the strength that make it look as if its glowing. Youthful skin also contains a lot of hyaluronic acid, which fills the void between the cells and makes sure the skin stays hydrated.

As women grow older, hyaluronic acid decreases, along with other nutrients that protect against skin aging. And though your skin loses a lot of that elasticity, and essential nutrients you can still keep it smooth by giving it the best TLC. Which is why it’s vital that you take the proper steps to care of your skin.

You do not have to wait till you are in your 50s or 60s to start an anti-aging skin care regimen. And you also don’t have to worry if you’re already there. Keeping this idea in the forefront of your mind will bring you amazing results and here’s why!

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Tackling What’s Not There

Being wrinkle-free now does not mean you will stay that way forever. Years can past swiftly and soon, you will find wrinkles and other skin impurities on your face before you know it — if you do not act now. You should be diligent with your skin-caring routines, such as exfoliating your skin to get rid of old skin cells.

Experts suggest you start exfoliating even before you get your first pimple!

After exfoliating, use a gentle oil based cleanser to restore moisture to the new skin cells underneath, and clean out your pores for optimal absorption of your anti-aging cream and serums.

When in your early to mid-40’s, use eye serums like the South Beach Skin Lab – Eye Lift Serum with antioxidants for your eyes to reduce the likelihood of fine wrinkles appearing early.

In your mid to late 40’s & 50’s, use a peptide rich neck cream to prevent aging-related issues, such as skin discoloration, sagging, fat accumulation, and more.

How Skin is Affected Every Day

rub to hard There are two types of skin aging. The first is intrinsic, which happens to everyone and is characterized by thinning and dryness of the skin as people get older. It leads to wrinkles, sagging, and fine lines. It is a gradual process and occurs at a steady rate, so it should not be visible until adulthood.

The second type is extrinsic, which means aging is due to external factors, such as UV radiation from tanning beds and of course, the sun. If you smoke, eat foods rich in refined carbohydrates and sugar, drink alcohol, or live in a polluted area, you can experience faster skin aging than your peers.

Thankfully, skin products such as South Beach Skin Lab’s Repair and Release Cream can help fix crow’s feet, brow furrows, jowls, and more. Combo this a with broad-spectrum SPF and exfoliate regularly.

Also add hand moisturizers to keep your hands young-looking, as your hands can often give away your age just as much as your face!

Look Out World

rub to hard Whether you are in your 40s, 50s, 60s, or beyond, taking care of your skin is essential. It is never too late to begin a skin care regimen, the sooner you put one into play, the better.

Simple practices, such as removing makeup before you sleep and leading a healthy lifestyle, can go a long way to help maintain a beautiful and young-looking skin.

Want to start your own skin care routine? Try Our South Beach Skin Lab – Full Beach Bag and get everything you need at one great price!