Consider These Important Factors Before Buying Skincare

Sep 21, 2021
Consider These Important Factors Before Buying Skincare

If you’re like us, we love purchasing new skincare products and enjoy testing them out. But with so many options on the market, how do you know what’s worth it and what is empty promises?

If you want to make educated decisions before you buy skin products, check out the three factors below you need to consider before spending a cent on skincare!


clean skinThere are lots of products out there that have great marketing – but how much of their time and money did they put into research? Many brands throw basic ingredients in a jar and hope you’ll fall for it. Sadly, this will just waste your money and leave you longing for results. Instead, you can improve your routine and your results by purchasing products that have been researched and tested – so you know they’ll give real results.

Before we put a single ingredient into a formulation, it undergoes rigorous research to make sure it’s safe, affordable, and effective. That’s because what you put in your product matters more than the packaging. By using peptides that have been researched and proven to revive and refresh skin, you’ll be spending your money wisely and get to see the results you long for.


There are ingredients we know are good for skin, but not all of them are created equally. While some companies may boost natural ingredients, it’s also packaged with synthetics and fillers to keep costs down. If you want to see a real difference in your skin and get your glow back, you need to make sure you’re using only the best ingredients that have been proven to work on mature skin.

Some of the best ingredients for reviving skin are peptides. These compounds can help your skin retain more moisture, fight off free radicals, and produce more collagen to help plump wrinkles. That’s why we’ve packed over 10 different peptides into our formulations. This won’t just help you banish wrinkles that already exist, but will help keep future lines away so you can get older without showing it on your face.


Stay consistentPretty packaging and endless promises won’t make your skin better. When it comes to choosing your products you need to look for more than just marketing. So many brands will make claims, but how many of them have the before and after photos to back it up?

One thing we take immense pride in is that we’ve got thousands of customers all over America who send in photos of their amazing results after only a few weeks. It’s not just about looking better, but we hear so often that getting control of their aging skin helped them regain their confidence too! Results like the ones from @closetplayimage above are what we love, and you’ll love them too!