Could Dancing Solve Your Common Skin Problems?

Sep 25, 2021
Could Dancing Solve Your Common Skin Problems?

Get those dancing shoes on because experts have just revealed the easiest and more fun way to improve your skin! We’ve stressed the importance of activity and exercise in your life to maintain a healthy body and healthy skin, but that can be hard for some people.

Well, it turns out that turning to a few minutes of dance a day can not only make you feel great, but it can also make you look younger too! You don’t need to be a great dancer, just have fun! Here are a few of the ways that dance will transform your skin.

It Reduces Eczema and Skin Conditions

clean skin Dancing can give you amazing benefits from the exercise you get from it. Getting moving at least once a day helps regulate the production of skin-significant hormones.

These hormones can slow down the aging process and provide blood flow to the areas that need it most. Dancing will also help curb inflammation from common skin conditions so you can stay glowing all day long!

It Can Help Fight Breakouts

rub to hard Dancing will make you sweat, but not excessively. That means its helping clean out your pores instead of clogging them even more. Sweat can unlock dirt and oil that’s stuck deep within your pores and leave you with clear, healthy skin.

Combine this with increased blood flow from the movement of dancing, and you’ll look like you’ve just had a day at the spa. Just make sure that after you sweat, you’re cleaning your face thoroughly with a dirt dissolving cleanser like our Day & Night Olive Oil Cleanser.

It Adds A Youthful Glow

clean skin When you’re dancing, it increases the blood flow to the body when then carries more oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells. When people complain of dull, lackluster skin, this is Dr. Ryan Shelton’s first recommendation to get your blood flowing again!

As your cells begin to get these helpful nutrients, the process of skin cell detoxification is boosted and free radicals, which are one of the biggest contributing factors to wrinkles and aging, are kept at bay.

So what are you waiting for? Throw on your Motown, Rap, Dance or Hip Hop and get moving! It’s a proven way to promote the cell renewal process that keeps the skin looking young so you can get back to feeling your best!