Easy Ways To Make Your Cleansing Routine More Effective

Jan 16, 2022
Easy Ways To Make Your Cleansing Routine More Effective


Washing your face twice a day is something you should always do and you’ll hear us preach it often, but are you seeing the results you want from this important step?

Cleansing your face is about more than what product you’re using, and the right technique can help you get amazing results. Get more out of your cleansing routine with these easy tweaks to your routine!

Use Warm Water

cleansing mistakes and tipsMany people get the urge to use hot water to wash their face because it feels good and it gives you the impression that it can get skin cleaner. Sadly, using water that is too hot for your skin can result in redness, excessive wrinkles, and skin sensitivity.

Instead of taking a risk with hot water, always use lukewarm water to wash your face. This will allow enough heat to open up your pores for optimal cleansing, but it will also help protect your skin. You’ll be getting a superior clean without the risk of damage so you can flaunt your flawless skin more often!

Circular Motions

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From the moment you wake up, your skin is taking on dirt, debris, and makeup. We layer products onto our faces but oftentimes, it’s difficult to get them off. When it comes to washing your face, always make sure you’re using circular motions to get skin perfectly clean.

The pores on our face absorb from every angle, so applying your oil cleanser in a circular motion will allow for your pores to be cleaned even deeper. This will help keep skin safe but also reduce the look of pores on your face because they’ve been cleaner properly. This little application tip will make a huge difference in your results.

Pat Skin Dry

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It’s tempting to rub a towel across your face after cleansing, but if you’re pulling too hard or using an abrasive material, it’s likely causing more wrinkles on your face. Your skin is delicate and loses collagen over time, so it’s very important to be gentle when drying your skin after cleansing or a shower.

After you wash your face, always pat your face dry gently with a soft towel. This will allow the important ingredients in your cleanser to continue working without the risk of tugging at your skin. You’ll be able to apply your skincare routine the same way after, but will likely deal with less redness and sensitivity than before!