Three Reasons You’re Not Seeing The Results You Want

Jan 18, 2022
Three Reasons You’re Not Seeing The Results You Want


You work so hard at having great skin but sometimes your effort doesn’t translate into results. That’s because there are other factors that go into great skin, and you might just be missing them.

Don’t fret, we’d never stand for you having less than perfect skin. Here are the top reasons you’re not seeing results, and what you can do to fix that!

Bad Ingredients

bad skincare ingredients to avoid

On your journey for skincare results, it’s important for you to be very cautious about what you’re putting on your face. Some imported products will have ingredients you’ve never heard of, while even USA-made products will use cheap fillers and parabens. The first step to better skin is better ingredients.

When selecting your skincare, opt for two kinds of ingredients. The first are natural ingredients that have been proven to work. Mother nature has been the go-to for amazing skin for centuries, and you shouldn’t shy away from natural ingredients. The next is cosmeceutical ingredients which are formulated by science. These often have proven results that are backed by doctors and are crucial to seeing improvements in wrinkles, lines and sagging skin.



how to get skincare results

If you plant a garden and only water it once a week, chances are your flowers will suffer. Even if they don’t die, they’ll never look as bright and beautiful as they once did. The same is true for your skin and staying consistent with your products could mean a huge improvement in your results.

In order to reverse wrinkles, brighten skin, and look more youthful, you need to make sure you’re applying your products twice a day, every day. This is going to give you a consistent delivery of peptides to keep signs of aging at bay, but also give you some accountability when it comes to your skin. The best results come from staying consistent with your routine!

Expired Products

expired skincare products

January is the best time of year to go through your skincare and make sure you’re not using old and expired products. All skincare has a shelf life and usually, it’s less than a year. If you’ve got old bottles clogging up your cupboards, or worse, your pores, it’s no wonder you’re not seeing improvements.

Always check to make sure you’re using fresh and effective skincare. If your products have expired, it could also be the perfect time to try something new. Opt for a specialized skin treatment for your neck or a powerful eye serum to battle dark circles and puffy eye bags. You’ll be able to freshen up your routine and fight signs of aging better than ever before!