Three Things You Should Never Do To Your Skin

Jan 25, 2022
Three Things You Should Never Do To Your Skin


Having great skin doesn’t come easy and some of us are doing unexpected damage with seemingly harmless habits each day. It’s not your fault because this kind of information is usually reserved for dermatologists - but it’s important enough that everyone should know.

You can't break a bad habit if you’re not even aware of it - which is why we’re sharing the top things you should never, ever do to your skin!

#1: Picking

worst skincare habits picking at skinWe know the feeling. You catch your reflection in the mirror and zoom in on that growing, red spot on your chin. It’s a dreaded pimple and the urge to pop it is so strong. Next time this happens, think before you pop. It’s easy to pop zits and pick at your face when you see an imperfection but it could be harming your skin and causing real damage. 

Picking your skin can lead to tears in your dermis as well as scarring that will last forever. Instead of suffering the effects of past picking, you can help lighten and reverse scars with the power of vitamin C in our Dark Spot Corrector. While originally made for sports, it’s packed with antioxidant ingredients that can help fade spots with ease. While we still don’t recommend picking at your skin, this will be a simple and effective solution to help you deal with signs of past damage.

#2: Scurbbing

skincare mistakes exfoliationWhen your face feels dirty, it’s easy for your intuition to make you think it should be scrubbed. The truth is that when you scrub your face too hard or use abrasive ingredients, you’re causing more harm to your delicate skin than ever - and it’s aging you twice as fast!

Over-exfoliation leads to excessive wrinkles and dryness, so avoid coffee scrubs, sugar scrubs, or harsh facial brushes. Instead, let the power of an oil cleanser clean your skin and gently exfoliate away dirt and debris. Best of all, it won’t cause any abrasion so you can stay wrinkle-free but enjoy the cleanest skin of your life!

#3: Synthetic Ingredients

skincare ingredients to avoid

When was the last time you read the ingredients on your drugstore skincare products? They’re likely packed full of synthetic (and potentially harmful) ingredients. You may wonder how a company can use something they know is bad for you in products, but the FDA doesn’t regulate skincare and they can get away with some scary things in the name of keeping prices low.

Instead of risking your skin and health with synthetic ingredients, opt for natural ingredients that are proven to help fight wrinkles and other signs of aging. Some of the best ingredients include coltsfoot, sea buckthorn, and argan - since they’re all packed with antioxidants and amino acids that safely and effectively fight wrinkles. Best of all, turning to nature for your ingredients will be good for your skin, body and peace of mind.