Get Rid Of Pesky Lip Lines In Three Easy Steps!

Apr 05, 2022
Get Rid Of Pesky Lip Lines In Three Easy Steps!

Lip lines creep up later in life and are one of the most dreaded types of wrinkles. Sadly, they’re also one of the hardest to reverse.

But not to worry, there are some easy and effective things can that could help! Check out these proven ways that will help minimize and prevent lines around your lips.

Wash Them

how to prevent lip lines

When washing your face at night, most people will lather around their mouth to avoid getting cleanser in their mouth - but did you know that could be causing lines? Just like you need to wash off makeup your face and eyes, you need to do the same for lips. Even if your lipstick has faded, chances are there’s some lingering around your lips.

Your lip area can’t fight wrinkles if you’re not getting it clean every night so it’s time to start making sure you’re cleaning your lips. The best way to do this is to take a tiny bit of oil cleanser on a cloth and gently exfoliate your lips. This will help get them clean so you can avoid new lines forming, and keep you safe from any toxic ingredients lingering in your makeup.

Use Vitamin C

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One of nature’s most powerful ingredients for wrinkles is vitamin C. It’s packed with antioxidant properties that are great for brightening skin and fighting wrinkles. Because your lips are constantly exposed to the sun, chances are pigmentation is making your lip lines look worse. Thankfully, you can combat it by being a little creative with your products.

Our Dark Spot Corrector was made to help fade spots and pigmentation on your face, but it works fantastic on lips too! Instead of having darkened lines around your mouth, simply dab a small amount around your lip area to help brighten and rejuvenate your lips. This will help them look fuller, younger, and brighter - even without makeup!


how to prevent lip lines

Like the rest of your skin, your lip wrinkles will become more prominent if they’re dehydrated. Dry skin leads to deeper lines and fixing it can often be tricky - especially when most hydrating lip products don’t contain anti-aging ingredients. 

Instead, you can turn to your trusty Repair & Release Cream. After cleansing, apply a small amount to your lips and let it absorb before putting on your lipstick. This will deliver wrinkle-fighting peptides directly to your lip linens and help them look more youthful. Best of all, you can throw it in your purse and re-apply it throughout the day for an extra dose of wrinkle-fighting hydration.