Never Use These Trendy Skincare Products On Your Face

Apr 10, 2022
Never Use These Trendy Skincare Products On Your Face


Each year, a new group of trendy skincare products is released and many will flock to stores to try them out. They often promise the fountain of youth, but the reality is they can be seriously damaging your skin.

These trends can lead to more wrinkles, sagging skin, and damage - so it’s important to avoid them at all costs. Here’s our list of the worst skincare trends that you should never, ever take part in.

Face Wipes    

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To a busy person, the idea of taking a single-use wipe to remove dirt and makeup seems like the best option - but did you know that they are a breeding ground for bacteria? That’s because these sheets collect and spread makeup and dirt across your face. Not only is it likely to cause breakouts, but it can be making wrinkles worse too.

Sometimes the most convenient way isn’t the most effective which is why we suggest avoiding face wipes at all costs. Instead, you can opt for an oil cleanser that can help remove 100% of dirt and makeup. Unlike cleansing cloths, this will allow you to clean your face while at the same time delivering some of the most effective anti-aging ingredients available. It will be a win-win for your skin!

Pore Strips 

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In the pursuit of youthful, beautiful skin, avoiding enlarged pores is a top concern. Bigger pores can make you look older and give the impression that your skin is dirty or unhealthy. While it could be tempting to reach for pore strips to remove gunk from pores, you’ll want to avoid them at all costs because of the serious damage they can cause.

When you tear off these strips, they can actually cause micro-tears in your skin. This can lead to sensitivity, infection, and even more wrinkles. Instead of compromising your skin in such a reckless way, opt for a more gentle way to clean pores. Using your cleanser instead of pore strips will minimize your chances of damage and help shrink pores in as little as a month.

Face Massagers

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It can feel relaxing to sit down after a long day and run a face massager along your skin, but what you didn’t know is that it could be accelerating your collagen loss and causing sagging skin. These massagers are more popular than ever but it’s time we ditch them in the name of healthy and youthful skin.

When you run a face massager along your skin, it’s tugging at your delicate dermis and causing a breakdown of collagen. What happens in the long run is skin doesn’t bounce back after being pulled. To avoid this, combat collagen loss with a proven and effective peptide like Matrixyl. It will work to fortify and restructure your damaged skin so that it can bounce back more youthfully. What’s even better is that if you stay consistent with peptide application, you’ll be able to help your skin create more long-lasting collagen for years to come.