Three Things You Should Never Do To Your Dark Spots

Apr 17, 2022
Three Things You Should Never Do To Your Dark Spots

Getting dark spots and pigmentation is a part of growing older, but did you know that some of your daily habits could be making it worse?

Instead of suffering from dark spots, we want to give you all the best advice to tackle them safely. If you’re looking to get rid of dark spots and keep new ones from forming, here are three things you should never, ever do.

Cover Them Up 

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When dark spots first appear on your face, it’s an easy solution to try and cover them up with makeup. You’ll pile on foundation, concealer, and maybe even color corrector to try and hide them, but it could be making your problem even worse.

When you cover up dark spots with makeup, you’re clogging pores and not allowing your skin to breathe. This can lead to sensitivity, breakouts, and even wrinkles. Instead of covering up spots, learn to treat them with the power of vitamin C. This potent ingredient can help fade pigmentation in your dark spots to reveal a more even and brighter complexion than you had before without the use of makeup!

Go Unprotected

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Dark spots seemingly show up out of nowhere, but did you know that it’s really past damage coming back to haunt you? Some damage can take years to show up so when you see a new dark spot, it could be because you were out in the sun unprotected long ago. If you want to help prevent new spots, you need to make sure you’re using SPF daily.

SPF will help keep your skin safe from the harmful UV rays that cause dark spots in the first place. When you combine this with a dark spot corrector that can help reverse the damage of existing spots, it will give your skin a healthier look and make sure you get fewer spots forming in the future.

Leave Them Alone

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Many people think there is nothing you can do about dark spots so instead of trying to fix them, they simply live with the problem and accept it. You don’t have to accept your suffering and instead of just wishing for better skin, there are some simple actions you can take to help reverse the damage you see.

If you just leave spots, chances are they will get worse with time. Instead of letting your spots get larger and darker, start treating them today with a powerful antioxidant treatment. Not only will it be a quick and easy addition to your current routine, but it will work throughout the day to repair your skin damage so you can be proactive about the health of your skin with little to no extra effort.