Get Softer Skin With These Easy At-Home Tricks

Feb 27, 2022
Get Softer Skin With These Easy At-Home Tricks


Nothing can make you feel more insecure than rough, dry skin on your face. There are products to help with wrinkles, lines, and even sagging - but what can you do about skin texture?

It turns out that a few simple tweaks in your routine can help take your skin from rough to radiant in as little as 30 days. Here’s how you can get softer skin from right at home!


how to get softer skin

Oftentimes, skin feels rough because you aren’t spending enough time removing dead skin cells and debris. Throughout each day, and even at night while you sleep, your skin is shedding dead cells and if you’re not removing them properly, they’ll contribute to your rough skin texture.

Instead of suffering, you can gently exfoliate dead skin and debris away with an oil cleanser. Unlike harsh exfoliants, the oil will never tear your skin or cause irritation. Instead, it uses the power of oil to clear away any roughness on the outer layer of our skin. This will leave your skin brighter, more radiant, and much softer after the very first use!


Skip Synthetics  

worst skincare ingredients

From drugstores to Sephora, there are tons of options when you want to purchase skincare products. Sadly, many of these companies don’t quality control their selection and are still selling products with parabens, sulfates, and synthetic ingredients that are making your skin rough. If you’re still using products with synthetic ingredients, it can explain the decline in your skin texture.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to overhaul your routine but instead, focus on the ingredients in your products instead of price tags. The best ingredients to soften skin are natural but expensive, so spending a little more for better ingredients will have your texture improve in no time. Best of all, you’ll be putting your health first by opting for more natural and less toxic products.


ways to improve skin texture

More often than not, when your facial texture suffers it’s a silent cry for help from your skin. This could be a host of things but most likely, your face is begging for nourishment. Unlike your body, you can’t feed your skin - but you can deliver hydration and nourishment through a proven and effective moisturizing cream.

Many products will only nourish the top layers of skin, but our Repair & Release Cream is different. Instead of sitting on the top of the skin, it penetrates deep to deliver nourishment to all layers of your dermis. It’s a sure way to increase hydration, softness, and suppleness in your skin without spending a fortune on facials or cosmetic procedures.