Helen Mirren’s Skincare Tips Will Change How You Treat Aging Skin

Sep 21, 2021
Helen Mirren’s Skincare Tips Will Change How You Treat Aging Skin

Helen Mirren is a one-of-a-kind actress on the silver screen. Entertaining us for decades, she has redefined what it means to be an aging woman in Hollywood.

While Mirren gets most of her attention for her impressive acting chops, we couldn’t overlook her skin – which looks fantastic for 75! We did a deep dive to uncover her exact steps for aging gracefully!

Minimal Makeup

So many women in Hollywood feel the need to pack on layers of makeup to help them look their best. What we discovered about Helen is that she is a minimalist when it comes to makeup. While she does use it when she hits events or red carpets, day-to-day she wears almost nothing. When she is required to wear makeup, one thing she makes sure of is that she rinses all of it off with a powerful but gentle cleanser. This helps keep her complexion clear and shows fewer wrinkles.

Makeup can age your skin because of the chemicals inside of it, and. the amount of face touching that is required to apply it. When applying it, always use a gentle hand to avoid tugging at your skin. You’ll also want to avoid toxic makeup removers and opt for an oil cleanser that will a remove makeup and clean your face in one easy step. You’ll be using healthier ingredients and get your skin cleaner than a makeup remover ever could.

She Skips Botox

When you think of Hollywood stars, you think of the nose jobs, the botox, and all the work they’ve had done. Helen Mirren on the other hand is a refreshing contrast from that. Unlike many aging women in Hollywood, she has managed to stay away from Botox and fillers and embrace her skin aging gracefully. Instead of needles, she relies on powerful peptides to smooth and prevent wrinkles on her face.

Helen has a rigorous process for choosing her skincare products and it starts with ingredients. She doesn’t use products with filler ingredients but instead focuses on proven peptides like Matrixyl and Reproage like we use in our Repair & Release Cream. She also knows that natural ingredients are best, so she opts for moisturizers made with shea butter and coconut oil.

She Doesn’t Stress About Aging

While some women are terrified of getting older, Helen embraces it! She is excited to age and knows that the lines on her face reflect a lifetime of fun, adventure, and enjoyment. That’s not to say she doesn’t care about her skin! She does – and her impressive routine will prove it. But she isn’t losing sleep over wrinkles.

Helen doesn’t leave everything to chance when it comes to getting older. She will never be without a comprehensive routine that provides results for aging gracefully. She is also well aware that good ingredients and the right products can provide impressive results – but she’s happier looking great for 75 than trying to look like a 50-year-old. She’s proving one project at a time that there is plenty of space for older, beautiful women in Hollywood!