Jennifer Aniston Does These Three Skincare Steps Every Day

Sep 21, 2021
Jennifer Aniston Does These Three Skincare Steps Every Day

Jennifer Aniston has been America’s favorite star for decades and through it all, her skin has managed to remain youthful and untouched by wrinkles. But how does she do it?

It turns out that, unlike other celebrities, Jennifer stays away from plastic surgery and relies on only these three steps to keep her skin looking ageless and perfect.

She Sweats It Out

clean skinJennifer is no stranger to staying fit. Most of the time when she’s caught by the paparazzi, she’s out with her dogs on a hike, going for a run, or getting exercise in some way. That’s because she knows that the key to great skin is sweating out toxins. Not just that, but she makes sure to replenish the hydration in her skin after a sweat session so her skin can thrive.

After you work out, sweat and dirt can clog your pores. Jennifer can’t afford a breakout so she’s sure to cleanse her skin right after a workout. She would never be caught dead using soap and instead opts for a powerful cleanser that uses oil to remove sweat. Oil works better to clean your face because it won’t dry out your skin and will allow you to clean and hydrated in one easy step. Best of all, it delivers anti-aging nutrients to your skin while you wash!

She’s Nuts About Moisturizer

rub to hardJennifer Aniston has been known to moisturize from head to toe and pays extra attention to her moisturizing routine. She often praises it as one of the reasons she’s stayed looking so youthful. For her face, Jennifer loves any face cream that contains peptides, as she knows it’s the most effective for reversing wrinkles and lines. Not to mention, it’s been the long-kept secret of celebrity skin!

Using your Repair and Release Cream twice a day should yield similar results because it’s packed with similar peptides to Jennifer’s routine without the hefty celebrity price tag. While celebrity facials or creams that produce collagen and elastin can run upwards of $300, a peptide-rich moisturizer will produce the same results when used consistently.

She Loves A Routine

jennifer aniston skincare routineJennifer has access to some of the best skin care doctors in the world and she’s been careful to use their advice in her day-to-day. The number one tip from all her doctors is to create a comprehensive routine and stick with it. Using one product will never give you the results you desire and Jennifer agrees. That’s why her routine will never be missing these three steps.

Jennifer proves time and time again that you don’t need 20 steps in your routine to get great skin. By focusing on three areas only – cleansing, hydration, and eye care – she’s able to target the most important areas for anti-aging. We’re sure she adds a special treatment here and there, but daily use of these three skincare staples will get you results just like Jen!