Should You Be Storing Your Skincare In The Fridge?

Sep 23, 2021
Should You Be Storing Your Skincare In The Fridge?

You may have noticed your favorite influencer using one or seen it pop up in an ad on Facebook, but no matter how you heard about them it’s hard to deny the trend of skincare fridges.

These tiny fridges claim to help improve the performance of your products, but is it actually worth the investment? Here are the benefits of putting your products in the fridge and what to avoid.

It Helps With Puffiness

clean skin When you put anything cold on your skin, it going to help with inflammation and stop swelling almost immediately. Your skincare is no exception and if you choose to store it in the fridge, you may notice some additional benefits during application. Some of the best products to do this with are any serums you use like a face serum or eye serum.

When you store your skincare products in the fridge, it will allow the liquid to get cold and will feel really refreshing on your skin – especially during the summer. This burst of cool with help with redness, puffiness, and even help slim down the silhouettes of your face. Experts suggest doing this with your eye serum as it can add an instant benefit of de-puffing your eye area and eye bags in one easy step when you apply!

It Preserves Ingredients

rub to hard When you purchase high-quality skincare products, they are often formulated with some really important and effective ingredients. These ingredients are often studied for years before ever making their way into your products, and many of them don’t have a long shelf life. If you are storing your skincare in the fridge, it can help these ingredients stay good for longer and prolong the lifespan of your products.

Ingredients like peptides and amino acids can function properly at room temperature but storing them in the cold will help them last a few extra months if you don’t use up your products quickly. It will also add a refreshing sensation when you apply your creams to your face because it will have a cooling effect that can help define cheekbones, jawlines, and more!

Not Every Product Can Be Cooled

Stay consistent While some skincare products will feel and work better when stored in the fridge, with others you want to avoid putting them in there at all costs. Some ingredients, specifically oils, can have trouble stabilizing in cold environments and it can actually make them less effective. One of the products you should never keep in the fridge is your oil cleanser.

Oil cleansers aren’t like normal methods of cleaning your face. They are far more powerful than most soaps or foaming cleansers and that is because of the delicate balance of oils inside that remove makeup, hydrate skin, and deliver anti-aging ingredients. For these oils to work their best, store them at room temperature and you’ll be able to see the magnificent effect they have on cleaning, soothing, and purifying your skin without requiring refrigeration.