Skincare Fads to Avoid And What To Do Instead For Results

Sep 23, 2021
Skincare Fads to Avoid And What To Do Instead For Results

It seems like every month there is a new fad skincare product that hits shelves and promises results to help you reach your anti-aging goals. The reality is that most of these fads aren’t doing much to your skin.

Here are some of the most popular skincare fads in skincare to avoid and what to do instead to help see the results you work so far for!

Red Light Masks

clean skin Red light masks and devices have been a hot item in skincare lately with pricy options costing hundreds of dollars. These masks claim to treat inflammation and skin discoloring as well as promote the production of collagen. This year alone, some red light products have been recalled as a risk to your eyesight and dermatologists are against offering these devices for at-home use.

Safety should be your main concern with any skincare devices or products so we for sure aren’t’ on board with this new trend. If you’re looking to help brighten skin and diminish dark spots, opt for a Dark Spot Corrector instead. The 5 stabilized forms of vitamin C included will brighten your skin while helping to clear blemishes, dark spots and sun damage in one safe and effective step.

Microcurrent Devices

rub to hard Microcurrent skincare has been popular in spas for a few years and under the supervision of a professional can be helpful to lift skin, but at a price point, only a few can afford. Recently, there have been some at-home versions being sold but the jury is still out. While it might provide temporary results, there is little to no proof it can help lift skin for the long term.

If you suffer from sagging skin and you need a lift, opt for our Neck Firming Cream over a microcurrent device. Powered by the award-winning patented Essenskin™ peptide, it fortifies and restructures thin and fragile skin by restoring skin cells with an abundance of calcium and amino acids that leave skin feeling tight and lifted. Not only will it be much easier on your wallet, but it will help provide lasting results instead of a temporary fix.

Cleansing Tools

Stay consistent One of the top-selling skincare tools of 2019 was skincare brushes. Most of these silicone-based brushes promise to clean deeper and exfoliate as you clean your skin. The reality is that they can lead to exfoliation and are a breeding ground for bacteria.

Instead of opting for a cleansing brush, using an oil cleanser will actually clean deeper and more effectively without the risk of harming your skin. Oil cleansers dig deeper than normal foaming cleansers, even if used with a cleansing brush. It will remove makeup with ease and leave your skin so soft after the first use, it will feel like you’ve just had a facial!