Three Reasons You’re Not Seeing Results With Your Current Routine

Sep 24, 2021
Three Reasons You’re Not Seeing Results With Your Current Routine

Is there anything more frustrating than doing everything you can for your skin only to see any improvement? Everyone has skincare goals they’re trying to achieve but getting down on yourself for lack of results can make you want to give up.

Before you do, you should know there are a few easy tweaks that you can make to see optimal results in your skin. These aren’t drastic or painful measures, just simple tips that experts swear can provide results.

Adding these tweaks to your skincare routine will have you smashing your skincare goals in no time!

Get Some Extra Sleep

clean skin What would adding an hour of sleep a night do for your skin? Well, experts agree that it can really transform your skin and kickstart results if you’ve had trouble achieving them in the past. Our bodies do the most healing while we sleep and repairing damage to the skin is no exception.

No matter how amazing your skincare products, you can expect dullness, dryness and exaggerated wrinkles if you’re not getting enough sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep, try putting electronics away at least an hour before bed and avoid coffee in the afternoons so you can wind down easily at night.

Apply Your Products Correctly

rub to hard Using great products will do absolutely nothing for your skin if you’re using them wrong. Like baking a cake, skincare is as much a science as it is a hobby and making sure you apply your products can reduce the time it takes to see results.

In the interest of keeping a simple routine, all you really need are three effective products to protect your skin and reduce wrinkles, sagging and discoloration. Always make sure you’re thoroughly cleansing your skin twice a day minimum, applying peptide-rich moisturizer morning and night, and using a product that’s made specifically for your delicate eye area – which ages twice as fast as the rest of your face.

Make A Lifestyle Change

Stay consistent Sometimes the lack of results is because your lifestyle is undoing all the good of your routine. If you’re a smoker, heavy drinker, or have a soft spot for greasy fast food, do your best to cut back on these vices. What you put in and around your body can be crucial in seeing results on your journey to wrinkle-free skin.

Lifestyle changes aren’t only about cutting things out, but about adding healthy and beneficial changes to your everyday life. Something as simple as a 30-minute daily walk or yoga can help increase blood flow to the skin, and give it some breathing room in nature. Not only will this help erase wrinkles and keep your skin bright, but it will have overall benefits to your health!