Three Unexpected Ways You Are Hurting Your Skin and Compromising Results

Sep 21, 2021
Three Unexpected Ways You Are Hurting Your Skin and Compromising Results

We’re all in the pursuit of great skin, but there are some unexpected ways you may be hurting your chances of results and causing problems for your skin.

Skin is delicate and fickle, and for the best results, you need to be aware of the ways you are holding your skin back. Here are some of the most unexpected ways you’re hurting your results – and what you can do instead to combat it!

Getting Half Clean

If you wear makeup daily, you know how hard it is to get your face completely clean at night. Using makeup remover seems like a good idea until you realize what is inside of it. Packed with synthetic ingredients and heavy oils, makeup remover can not only fail to clean your face but can leave an invisible film on your skin that is hurting your results.

If you want to be able to clean your face properly, you need to stop looking at toxic ingredients and start using the power of nature! Natural oils like lavender and tea tree are ideal to clean skin while leaving it soft and supple. Oil works like a magnet to pull off dirt and makeup so you will only need to wash your face once to 100% clean it and keep skin safe

Not Treating Dark Spots

Some of us have spent years trying to fight wrinkles and sagging skin. Getting rid of wrinkles is great for looking younger – but it doesn’t help if your face is covered in dark spots. Dark spots can make even the most beautiful skin look unhealthy. It gives the illusion of damage to your skin and can add years to your age if you aren’t careful.

Instead of letting dark spots age your skin, using a vitamin C-based spot treatment can help fade and prevent dark spots, age spots, and pigmentation. Dark spots can start as early as your 40’s but will get even worse after the age of 60. If you want to reverse your existing spots or prevent new ones, using a Dark Spot Corrector will help fade spots so you can bask in your perfectly even complexion!

Ignoring Your Neck

Stay consistentWant to know the difference between the average woman on the street and a celebrity who looks 20 years younger? Most women will only focus on skincare from the chin up while celebs know your neck is the first thing to give your age away. Because your neck skin is thin and delicate, it can cause deep wrinkles and sagging that can be hard to reverse. If you haven’t been treating this area with special care, you need to start ASAP!

The easiest way to start caring for your neck wrinkles is by using a potent but gentle neck firming cream. These types of products are formulated with high-quality peptides that have been proven to help firm and lift your neck. Best of all, it will only add an extra minute to your routine daily but will yield huge results. Stop ignoring your neck and start fighting all the signs of aging that are making you lose confidence.