You Should NEVER Do These Three Things To Your Skin

Sep 22, 2021
You Should NEVER Do These Three Things To Your Skin

Even if we don’t realize it, most of us are guilty of habits that are no good for our skin. These little habits may seem harmless but over time, they are causing damage to your skin that is hard to repair.

If you want to keep your skin youthful and avoid unnecessarily damaging your delicate face, check out these no-no’s that you should avoid doing to your skin at all costs.


clean skin Dead skin cells can build up on your skin over time and one of the best ways to fight them is by exfoliating. The important thing with exfoliation is remembering to not over-do it. Even the slightest bit of over-exfoliation can lead to redness, irritated skin, and accelerated aging. Make sure you’re always avoiding harsh and abrasive exfoliators near your face!

You still need to clear away dead skin cells to get a glowing complexion, so what can do you without risking your skin’s health? Switching to an oil cleanser is going to gently exfoliate the skin as it removes dirt and makeup. Thanks to cleaning and conditioning ingredients like lavender oil, tea tree, and olive oil, you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful, glowing skin without risking damage to your dermal layer

Skip SPF

rub to hard Even if you live in the coldest, most cloudy city in the USA, you still need to wear sunscreen. It’s a common misconception that you only need SPF in the summer, but wearing it year-round will prevent you from aging prematurely and getting worse wrinkles. Not only is the sun causing damage to your skin that you’ll see immediately, but it is also causing damage that won’t creep up for years.

If you suffer from dark spots or age spots, chances are you went unprotected in the sun in the past. Even if you were a child when the damage occurred, these spots can start showing up later in life and ruin your complexion. To help get rid of the lingering damage, use a concentrated formula with vitamin C to help reduce the appearance of dark spots.

Tug & Pull

Stay consistent Every day, your skin is working against gravity to help fight static wrinkles…but what are static wrinkles? They are the kind of wrinkles caused by gravity pulling your skin downward. If you apply your products too roughly, you’ll be helping gravity increase sagging. Not only does pulling at your skin cause static wrinkles but it can also make you lose firmness in your skin much quicker.

To avoid this, use a very gentle hand when applying your daily moisturizer. This will allow your skin to reap benefits from powerful antioxidants and peptides that will help firm and lift your skin. These ingredients will also work against the forces of gravity so that you can stay wrinkle-free for longer. If you’re tugging at your skin while applying such an important part of your routine, it will take you much longer to see the results you crave.