Dr. Ryan's Mailbag: How Can I Get Rid Of Dark Patches? Plus More...

Jan 18, 2024
Dr. Ryan's Mailbag: How Can I Get Rid Of Dark Patches? Plus More...


Hello and welcome to another Mailbag Friday! My name is Dr. Ryan Shelton and I will be answering a couple of questions from customers who need help with their biggest skin concerns - just like I do every Friday! Today’s first question comes from Priscilla in Roanoke, VA.

Q: Hello Dr. Shelton. I have been seeing a lot of dark patches on my skin. I think it’s from hormones. How can I get these patches to go away?

Hyperpigmentation on cheek

A: Hi Priscilla! Hormones can play a huge role in how your skin looks. Many people believe the change of hormones only affects you during puberty, but the truth is that they can wreak havoc on your skin throughout your life! But don’t worry, I have a couple of suggestions that will help you see a transformation in your skin…

First, let’s talk about incorporating a Dark Spot Corrector into your routine if you don’t already have one.

Of course, the most logical course of action for hyperpigmentation is to use a Dark Spot Corrector full of antioxidants to help lighten and brighten any problem areas.

I have a Dark Spot Corrector in my store, and I like recommending this one because not only does it have Vitamin C in it which has been scientifically proven to help brighten any dark patches or spots, but it also has other ingredients - like B-White - that help stop dark patches from even forming.

What many people don’t realize about dark spots is that getting rid of them isn’t enough. You have to work hard to prevent them from coming back. That’s why I think my Dark Spot Corrector will work wonders for you.

And if you want to kick it up a notch, you can try a Retinol product as well!

Retinol is also a great option for you because not only will it help you with your dark patches, but it will give you so many other benefits too!

For example, Retinol helps to increase cell turnover, which is going to help you smooth out any wrinkles or fine lines.

On top of that, it’ll help you create a baby-soft complexion that you’ll be obsessed with!

I have two retinol products in my store, if you want to check them out - The Retinol Defense Cream and The Retinol PM Booster.

Both of these are equally as amazing, it just depends on whether you prefer a cream or serum form of retinol.

With these two recommendations, you’ll be able to start working towards a clearer, more even skin tone. Remember to take before and after pictures so you can compare the difference.

I can’t wait to see your results!

My next question comes from Brianna in Austin, TX.

Q: Hi Dr. Ryan! My neck skin is starting to sag and my chest area is starting to show some lines. What can I do to help make these areas firmer and less wrinkled?

sagging skin around decollete

A: Hi Brianna! The neck and chest area are often forgotten about by most people when it comes to skincare. That’s why so many of us will start to see signs of aging here earlier than other parts of our body! But don’t worry, I have some tips to help turn back the clock on your skin…

The skin around the neck area in particular is different from the skin on the face, so using any old products for the neck won’t be as effective.

My recommendation for you is to start using a neck cream if you aren’t already.

My Neck Firming Cream is one of the best-sellers in my store because it’s helped so many people firm and sculpt the neck area, taking a few years off their appearance.

The neck area is vulnerable to aging because of the way gravity weighs it down.

Since your collagen production decreases as you age, the skin around the neck will lose its structure and start to sag, creating the dreaded “turkey neck”.

By using a neck cream day and night, you can help boost collagen production and restore some of that lost structure, which will help lift and firm your neck area.

Now, you also mentioned some wrinkles and lines around your chest area - or what I refer to as the décolleté.

This area is often forgotten too! But a simple fix in the way you sleep - as well as the use of something like my Neck Firming Cream - can make the world of difference…

Sleeping on your side causes the skin around your neck and décolleté to slump to the side, and staying in that position for a few hours will create some pretty deep wrinkles that you may notice once you wake up.

Instead, try sleeping on your back to help keep your skin on an even level and prevent it from forming those wrinkles.

You may need to invest in a new pillow to help you sleep in this position, as most people don’t find it the most comfortable (I like to sleep with a pillow under my knees!).

Try it out and you may be surprised by how such a small and simple change can make a huge difference!

I hope these tips help you see a change in your skin. Keep me updated!