Drugstore Skincare vs. Professional Skincare: What’s The Difference?

Sep 23, 2021
Drugstore Skincare vs. Professional Skincare: What’s The Difference?

Some people might not understand the difference between cheap drugstore products and professional products at a higher cost, but many Americans wonder, is there really a difference between the two besides price?

The differences between the two types of skincare are endless. Here are just a few of the things that set professional skincare products apart from drugstore products.


clean skin The biggest difference between drugstore and professional products are the ingredients used to make them. The reason a drugstore can sell cream for a fraction of the price of a spa is that the products are often filled with cheap and synthetic ingredients that work as a band-aid to temporarily provide relief to skin ailments.

With professional-grade skincare products, like our South Beach Skin Lab products, is that the ingredients included are sourced from nature and have been clinically proven to help fight signs of aging. Dr. Ryan Shelton spent years formulating his products for maximum results and the proof is in the results you’ll see from using it.

Where It’s Made

rub to hard When was the last time you looked at the label of a product you bought in your local drug store? Often times, these products are made overseas and can contain ingredients that are questionable for your skin. If your skincare comes from Mexico, Asia or any other foreign country, chances are the practices they use to make it are not up to standard like they would be here in the USA.

Products made here in America can come with a slightly higher price tag but the likelihood that it will actually work is much higher. America has some of the highest standards for skincare ingredients in the world, which is why we produce all our products here on American soil. It allows us to control the quality of ingredients so you get better results!


Stay consistent Efficacy is the ability to produce results and this is where you’ll really notice a difference between drugstore products and professional level skincare. Drugstore products are cheap and priced so you keep coming back and hoping for results. Instead, you’ll likely be making skin worse by applying cheap ingredients and wasting your money.

Professional skincare has the results to back up the prices because they are made with researched and proven ingredients that work. With professional skin care products, you’ll actually be able to see and feel a difference in your skin within a short amount of time. Take our best-selling Repair & Release Cream, which can help remove wrinkles in as little as 30 days because it’s packed with antioxidants and peptides that provide real results. When it comes to skincare efficacy, drugstore products can’t come close to the results you’ll see with professional products like our South Beach Skin Lab line!