What Is Your Skin’s pH Level And How Can You Help Balance It?

Sep 21, 2021
What Is Your Skin’s pH Level And How Can You Help Balance It?

You’ve probably heard commercials talk about the pH levels in your skin, but do have any idea what they’re really talking about? The pH level of the skin refers to how acidic or alkaline it is – and the ingredients and products you use will either help it or hurt it.

Since pH can be a new subject to many readers, we decided to give you a full breakdown of what your pH balance is, and how you can help optimize it for the best results possible!

What Is pH?

The term pH balance seems to be a buzzword these days in the skincare world, but what is it? And what does it actually mean? The pH is a numeric scale that indicates how acidic or alkaline something is. When it comes to your skin, maintaining a healthy pH balance can help slow wrinkle production, stop inflammation, and make skin as healthy as possible. When you worry about pH balance, you want to worry about the acid mantle in your skin.

The acid mantle is going to dictate how healthy or unhealthy your skin is. To protect your acid mantle, you need to be using products that help balance your pH level as they clean and hydrate skin. Thankfully, all South Beach Skin Lab products have taken the guesswork out for you and formulated all our products to give your skin the ideal pH level.

Why Is It Important?

To get the best result in balancing your pH, you need to make sure that you’re using the right ingredients and products. Having a healthy pH is going to stop nasty skin effects like eczema or redness in its tracks so you can enjoy a healthy complexion. It can also determine how fast or slow your skin will age, making it a crucial part of your anti-aging routine.

Using the wrong products can set your pH balance back weeks so make sure you use the right ones is super important. Step one is ditching acidic soaps and foaming face wash that is disrupting your face. By switching to an oil-based cleanser, you’ll immediately help re-balance your pH levels after the very first use! Not only will your skin look and feel soft, but it will balance pH as you go about your day!

What Does It Mean For Skin?

Balancing your skin’s pH levels won’t just make you seem like a skincare expert to friends, it will also do wonders for your skin. If you are using products that balance your pH levels, you’re going to be able to see some impressive long-term benefits. Just make sure that every step in your routine is formulated to balance your pH and keep your skin safe.

When formulating South Beach Skin Lab, Dr. Ryan Shelton took the ingredients he used very seriously. Undergoing rigorous testing to make sure there was no harm caused to your pH, he was able to formulate products that keep skin safe but also provide impressive results. It only takes a few weeks to rebalance your pH levels so start now! You’ll be on your way to beautiful, flawless, youthful skin in no time!