Kate Winslet Finally Revealed Her Three Skincare Staples For Youthful Skin

Sep 21, 2021
Kate Winslet Finally Revealed Her Three Skincare Staples For Youthful Skin

As if being best friends with Leo Dicaprio didn’t already make her enviable, Kate Winslet is also surprising us by seemingly not getting older. This Hollywood A-Lister has appeared on our screens for many years, but she looks the same as she did 10 years ago.

Shying away from public attention, Kate doesn’t talk to the press often about her personal life – until now. Best of all, she finally revealed her secrets to great skin!

Build Sustainable Habits

One of the reasons we love Kate is because she doesn’t seem like an over-the-top spoiled celebrity. She’s very down-to-earth in her lifestyle and she applies the same approach to her skincare routine. When attending a red carpet, she may have dozens of makeup artists helping her get ready but when it comes to her routine at home, she keeps sustainable habits that are easy to follow.

Kate would never be the kind of girl with a 20 step routine because she knows she can’t keep that up every single day. After all, who has the time?! But she does fill her skincare routine with high-quality skincare basics that cover all the bases. This will often include cleansing, and eye treatment, and a powerful moisturizer because they tackle the more common signs of aging. It also makes your routine affordable, accessible, and easy to use!

Stay Hydrated

Kate Winslet knows that the key to youthful, beautiful skin is to keep it hydrated – both inside and out. She makes sure to drink ample amounts of water every day. This helps detoxify your body and keep skin clear and plump. But what’s most important is that she also focuses heavily on hydrating her skin as part of her routine.

Some ingredients are better than others at keeping skin full of moisture which is why Kate only uses the best! In her routine, you’ll find ingredients like shea butter and cocoa butter just like we use in our best-selling Repair & Release Cream. These ingredients lock in moisture to the deepest layers of skin so that you stay hydrated and your wrinkles stay plumped all day long.

Remove Makeup With Oil

Celebrities like Kate Winslet attend more premiers and parties than any of us could ever dream of. That means she is wearing more makeup on any given week than you are. Many celebs have layers and layers of makeup on to look good in movies or photos, so their skin takes a real beating. To keep skin happy and healthy Kate will never use a makeup remover or soap to wash her face. Her go-to choice every time is removing makeup with oil.

Makeup removers are often filled with all kinds of chemicals that harm your skin. To avoid this, Kate uses an oil-based cleanser that comes from natural essential oils and the highest quality ingredients. She’s smart to do so since an oil cleanser can remove more makeup and dirt from your face than soap. We love any trick that lets you skip a step and get better results all at the same time!